Sunday, May 13, 2012

Easter 2012

It's me again.....yay!!!! So Easter was pretty cool.  I got really, really good at Easter Egg hunts (not like they're hard though) and I got to dress in some hot boy clothes.  That's about all! Here are some pictures from Easter 2012:
Ha some kids are so slow! There's all these eggs and only me to pick them up!

Soo easy!

Oh goodness these are good!

Easter Bunnies are the worst!!!!! Ahhh!

Just doing great at Daddy's squadron's Easter Egg Hunt.

Ummm Dad where are all of the eggs??

Even though the Easter bunny is scary as hell, I didn't mind running with some bunny ears on.

It's too bad everyone forgot about me on Easter this year. :(

I am so neglected. :(
Opening my Easter baskets

At least I have my looks

I would much rather play with ants than take a family picture...duh.

Yeah, ok, mom, I don't take pictures without a little cash incentive.  If I don't have the Easter spirit, I don't know who does.

Sugar crash

My daddy is just the coolest.

Just a little Easter brunch in my house.  Boys only.

Dad preached to us from the Holy Bible aka the Veggie Tales Bible.

Rascal was moved...

as was I. 

Happy Easter!!!



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