Sunday, May 13, 2012

Gramma's Visit!

Hi everyone, it's Brady man!!  We gots a new computer (finally!) so Mommy let me do the honor of doing the first blog from it! Wahooo!! So my daddy went to Las Vegas (back in March) and my Gramma came to visit and so did Luke and Pearlie! Here are some pictures from our time:

Gramma and I with my cool new picnic table.  Only the coolest of boys color with a picnic table inside the kitchen with their grammas. Duh.

 My gramma is super, super special.  She thinks she is a chicken. Mommy told me not to tell her otherwise so cluck away Gramma, cluck away.

 She also has super special friends she communicates to us with.  I just love my gramma!

                         We took gramma to the park with the fountain.  She had the best time!

                    Luke and I in my wagon.  We just love hanging out with each other. Can you tell?

             Another cool thing about my gramma is that she gets the whole Wiggles obsession. 

She knows just when to clap..

She also knows most of the moves.  Yeah I say most because obviously at this point you were supposed to be down on one knee posing but it's ok gramma, we'll let this one slide.

Just having a drink in the bathtub with my buddy Luke.  Nothing odd about this, not at all!

Just playing the drums with Gramma. Duh.

I also took gramma to the zoo.  She loved it.

I even helped her feed some fishies. 

The End!


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