Wednesday, May 30, 2012


So as many of you may have heard...I have a new sister.  Yucky!  Would have been great if someone could have given me a heads up.  Want to hear my story about my new little sister?  Of course you do!  Ok here it is:

So here I am minding my own business when in the middle of my slumber a stork comes to visit me.  This dude tells me that my mom is going to pull on her ears really hard (like this) and then a baby is going to come out.  The stork also tells me that this baby is going to be my little sister and unfortunately she is going to be incredibly good looking just like me. 

So the next day my grandparents take me to the hospital to meet this "sister" thing

I lay my eyes upon her....

And she is....Ewww yucky!!!

So since everyone was taking so many pictures of this "thing" I decided it'd be best to show them how good I still looked so I took a couple of pictures of myself...

Which turned into a couple hundred of pictures.  And before I knew it....

I was in the hospital for taking-too-many-pictures-of-self-and-looking-good-itis.  Luckily it was a brief stay.

As soon as I got home I tried it again.

At least they have remotes in the hospital. This time they got my gender mixed up.  I'd like to say I learned my lesson but we all know the camera loves me.

Then my grandpa and I went on a walk.  The end.

And then Mommy and Daddy came home! Yayy!!

But they brought that "thing" too.  I decided I needed to get on her level and give her a talking to.  "Repeat after me.  You will not play with my toys, play with my parents, play with my Bougie, eat my cookies, and write on my blog."

Then Aunt Cat came and her boyfriend too!

I gave him a talking to.  See how fearful he is of my authority?? Don't mess with Brady.

So even though this sister thing isn't the greatest all of the presents have been way cool!

My shirt described my mood so my parents took me out to get some fresh air sans the poopy baby.

And I got to ride a

Daddy then rode some balloons with me.

And a train.

And we touched some duckies.

This is my train and no sisters allowed!

Then we roasted marshmallows.

And Mommy carried Layla in her shirt instead of her belly.

And then my daddy became a captain and we got to eat cake.  (I am in training).

Then Daddy and Layla played sleepy.

So this is my life now.  I now live with this poopy, grunty, Mommy- milk loving thing.  And then there's baby Layla. 

I guess she can stay.  She's harmless.....for now at least. 



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