Sunday, May 13, 2012

Brady's 2nd Birthday!!

My little man is now 2! Whew, we made it to 2! ;)  I was so glad that I made it to Brady's birthday (I will post why in a following post) and we had a great time!  On the 21st of April we had an Elmo bash at the base's playzone. The theme was Elmo and in honor of Brady's favorite guy we invited the guests to wear their favorite red shirt, outfit, or even red tie! All of Brady's grandparents were there as well as his buddies and Mommy and Daddy's.  Brady was so spoiled and had a wonderful time.  Here are the pictures from Brady's 2nd Birthday:

The sign welcoming everyone to the party

His cake in the shape of a 2

Some of the Elmo desserts. Red velvet cupcakes, Elmoreos (Elmo faces on Oreos), red Twizzlers, and cake!!!

Some more of the spread.  Brian made a "Brady Street" sign that can be seen in the back.  Some of the other signs said this party was brought to you by the letter "B" and the number "2" 

Elmo fruit face and to the left some of the Elmo veggie face

Elmo taco salad!

Sandwiches and buffalo wings...Elmo's favorites, right?

I never got a picture of the favors but each kiddo had Elmo bags filled with Elmo goodies and the adults got sugar cookies with Elmo's face on them.

36 weeks preggers at the party!  So happy that Brian was here this year to celebrate his little man's birthday! :)

Just playing with Grandma and Papa!

Party guests!

The birthday prince was just too cool he had to sit where everyone could see him at the head of the room.



Needless to say this kid likes cake.

Mommy and Daddy at the party.  Isn't Daddy such a good sport wearing the Elmo shirt?! :)

Brady and his friend Jason who he thinks is the purple Wiggle!

Brian reading an Elmo story to the kiddos


And more presents

And more presents!

Brady with his parents and both sets of grandparents.

After the party we went to Brian's squadron where he gave the grandparents a quick tour.  This is Brian with his parents in the sqadron bar.

Brian and I with my parents.

Lucky Grandma and Grandpa get to color with Brady!

And everyone gets to dance!  Even though every day really is Brady day he got some special treatment! :)

Nana and Papa stayed in a cool hotel where Brady got to go swimming!

Playing in his new sandbox from Nana and Papa.

Brady on his actual birthday blowing out his candle on his cupcake.

Mmmmm cake!

Brady at 2 years old:

Height: 34.5 inches (50%)
Weight: 32 lbs (77%)
Blond/Brown hair
Hazel eyes
Favorite foods: Pizza (seepa as Brady calls it), salad, spaghetti, anything sweet!
Favorite tv shows: Caillou, Wiggles, and Sesame Street or anything with Elmo!
Loves: Going for walks, wrestling or doing really anything with Daddy, telling his Bougie (Rascal) what to do (no barking Bougie, come in Bougie, let's go for a walk Bougie), going down big slides, dancing, being sleepy (lays down and pretends to be asleep), going shopping with Mommy, and spending time with any and all of his grandparents!


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