Wednesday, May 30, 2012

2 Weeks Old!

Miss Layla is 2 weeks old today (well at least she was yesterday when I started writing this!), I can't believe it!!  She has been an awesome baby so far and that has made things SO much easier!  Right now she only gets up once during the night.  She usually eats around 10:00pm, 3:00am, and then around 7am.  She also sleeps a ton during the day although she is awake more and more each day. And when she is awake she's usually very happy.  Breastfeeding is also going so much better this time around and so far she is exclusively breastfed which makes me very happy.  Brady really does love his little sister but things have been a little rough here and there with him.  He has been nothing but sweet and affectionate towards Layla but has been acting out towards us and delivering plenty of tantrums.  I know that this is all normal but some days I feel like I'm going to go crazy if it continues at this pace when it's just me home with the two of them.  I'm so thankful that Brady is helpful with Layla and loves to give her kisses though, I really thought he would just ignore her! We've had some visitors lately which has been great.  Aunt Catherine and her boyfriend Andy came to visit Layla's first weekend.  Brady had so much fun with them, he made sure they watched lots of Caillou, played ball, played sandbox, and of course colored. We've also had some friends and neighbors come over to meet Miss L as well. Grandma left last Saturday so it's just been the 4 of us for the last 4 days.  Brian has 14 days off for paternity leave so everyday we've been trying to go do something fun.  Memorial Day weekend was awesome here weather wise and we spent it hiking, playing at the playground, grilling, and getting in some good naps!  Here are some pictures from Layla's first 2 weeks:
Layla meeting Aunt Cat for the first time

Cat with Andy (her boyfriend from Ohio) and Layla

Aunt Cat even got to play in Brady's house with him, lucky!

Brian, Layla, Brady, and Catherine skyping with Nana and Papa

Layla meeting Alma for the first time :)

Sweet girl kind of starting to get some cheeks!

I love the dresses and the bows and the pink and purple!!!

Grandma and Layla in matching shirts. :)

Sleeping beauty wearing her new sun hat

She is so calm when she's awake, it's wonderful! :)

Daddy and his Layla

Little miss with a frilly skirt on!


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