Monday, November 28, 2011

A Very Brady Thanksgiving

Hola mis amigos! It's Brady here and I just got back from Minnesota and man are my legs tired!! Thanksgiving was pretty cool this year. I got to eat a lot, learned some new tricks, and just looked good! Here are some pictures:

I spent some quality time with my Grandpa brushing teeth and watching sports. You know, the usual.

Wait a minute, wait a minute........I'm GOING TO HAVE A SISTER??????? YUCK!!!

Just hanging out with Grandma Thanksgiving morning. I'm not tired, not tired.

Nope, not tired.

Thanksgiving food is the bomb!! Hey girl, want to share my cranberries with me? Oh wait, we're related? Awkward!

Got to work on my soccer skills with some of my relatives.

They said that I was too little and too good looking to play with them though. Sigh. It's hard being me.

This kid was determined to hit my dad with a snowball...

and he did. 8 times.

Then we went to the Ross Thanksgiving!

Nana and I with Great Grandpa reading a book on the art of pooping in your pants. Or maybe it was a Micky Mouse book, I'm not sure.

I was really working it this day, especially for Great Grandma. I heard the more hugs you give on Thanksgiving, the more Santa gets you on Christmas. Basically I'm expecting a Camaro.

My Uncle Danny, he's pretty cool. Although he told me that Elmo was stupid.

So I put a sleeping pill in his milk. No pie for you, ha!

Good thing I look like my mom, yikes!!

So that's why I've been so crabby lately, I've had the Bieber fever!

Since we're going to be in Nebraska for Christmas, we celebrated Christmas and birthdays early with the Ross's.

Even though he trashed Elmo earlier he got me an ELMO DRUM SET!!!! YEssssss!!!!


Grandpa holding his 2 shirtless boys..not weird, not weird.

Hey ladies, pick your favorite Ross boy. I would highly suggest the one in brown and green!

For this Christmas I also got a pair of molars. Most painful gift ever.

Get me out of here, these aren't my parents! They didn't buy me any presents!

Playing the drums like a pro, duh.



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