Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Grandma and Grandpa and Nana and Papa visit!

Ugh when you want something done, just do it yourself, right? I asked Mom to upload my pictures for me, and of course she does it out of order. Ugh. I guess I can tell my story backwards. :(

So both sets of grandparents came to visit me, my Grandma and Grandpa Hiscock came the weekend of my mom's birthday and then my Nana and Papa Ross came the following weekend to celebrate all that is Brady. Here are the pictures of their visit:

There's Dad in the background ruining my perfectly good breakfast with Papa. Dad, get a life!

The breakfast was so good...I'm just worried because Papa is barenaked?

Nana reading me a story. Of course everyone else has to be there to ruin our time together. Hey guys, get a life!

I took them to the zoo to meet some of my friends. Hey Tigre, you coming over on Halloween?

Then we pet some goats. I still think they're jerks.

Then Nana and I rode on a leopard. Elmo enjoyed it too (on my shirt, duh!).

Then we visited my dad's friends, the gorillas.

I took them to the jungle next, they loved it.

I practiced my monkey skills in case I get accepted to the Gorilla Academy like my dad.

These pictures are from my Grandpa and Grandpa Hiscock's visit:

Pig races=lame. Pig race guys jokes=super, super lame.

There is nothing more attractive to ladies then a guy who walks with his grandparents in a pumpkin patch. Eat your heart out ladies.

Or a guy sitting in corn. We do live in Nebraska for heaven's sake.

It was fun playing in the corn....

until it got in between my butt cheeks.

Then we went on this bounce thing. Pretty sure I got shaken toddler syndrome.

Look Mama, I's this tall!

Grandpa and I scouting for lost ladies in the corn maze (super vulnerable are those lost ones!)

Yep, this pumpkin, it's the one.

Then I brought Mama her birthday cake. I baked it myself.

For her birthday we went to Chuck E. Cheese (weirdest place ever). Mama went there on her 1st birthday and Grandpa thought we should go there 25 years later.

Dad was having the time of his life. You would have thought he was at a Beatles concert by the way he was dancing to those stupid puppets.

This guy had such an attitude. Dude, you live at Chuck E Cheese!

Yeah, this is reality. A seat on a clock, yeah, sure.

Oh no, the Chuck E Cheese bug has gotten Grandma!

Thank goodness for Grandpa, he knows what's cool...bubbles.....

A man's chair, and his Elmo.

Could I be any cooler? Really?



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