Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Brady and the Great Outdoors

Lately I have discovered that I am quite the outdoors man.

I can hike with the best of them

No really, like me and my doggy, we're super good hikers.

Like the shirt says, I may be small but I'm a BIG DEAL!

I can even hike over logs!

Another day we went to a pumpkin patch for Dad's squadron bbq. Naturally, they made me the tour guide. There are hot babes located here.

All the boys made a bet if I would show off my belly in this picture. Pay up boys, the goldfish is mine!

Just a couple of my friends and I enjoying nature in all of its glory.

Yay for hayrides!

That are an hour long...with your parents...yay.

These freakin things are bigger than my head!

Then we decided to go camping. My "The Wiggles" book had to come with of course, no camping trip is complete without a little Wiggles!

Just some boys...hanging out by a fire....talking about boy stuff.

Girls were allowed....but not in my tent and tunnel!

Then they challenged me to a beer chugging contest. (Mom note: No, the bottle was completely empty, picture was taken, and bottle was promptly taken away.)

Nothing like fire roasted baby.

I am an official camper now.

And when Aaron wasn't looking I let Alma whisper sweet nothings into my ear!

Finished the camping trip off with a great poop!


Oh wait, oh wait....giant stick!



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