Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011

Ok, so I know I hated on Halloween pretty hard last year. But in all honesty, it's so much better once you have teeth. Here are some pictures from my diary of my Halloween:

A whole crap-load of pumpkins. Would they notice if a few were gone??

So a couple days before Halloween we carved some pumpkins. For Dad.

It. Felt. Awesome.

Our local YMCA had a Trunk or Treat night the week before Halloween. SO naturally I rolled up in my stroller. The coolest pirate there.

This witch was scary. But she gave me lots of candy. So we're cool.

What?? Never seen a pirate on tumbling thingys?

On Halloween day we went to a playdate. Mom made this dessert. (Yep, tasted about as good as it looks.)

My friend Luke and I. He's a scary monster, I'm a crabby pirate.

I'm also a sensitive doctor pirate (gets ALL the ladies!).

Then we went trick-or-treating at Daddy's squadron. All these guys were wearing the same outfit as Daddy. But they gave me candy so I didn't question them.

And then there was this guy.

Our family on Halloween.

This year I manned it up a little. Last year I was a puppy, this year a pirate.

Yeah, a manly, manly pirate.

Finally it was time to go do some real trick-or-treating!

I was so good at it. (Not that I'm really bad at anything).

Then my parents decided we should hand candy out outside. Dad thinks he's scary pirate...I think he's just scary embarrassing.

Oh did I mention that Mom was a pirate too? Yeah took the cool right out of Halloween.

My spooky house!

Dear Dad, No one is scared of you and you are not a real pirate.

Teddy even got into the pirate-ness of the family.

Rascal did too (of course, he has to be as cool as me, like usual).



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