Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Hello! Sorry for the lack of updates lately. December has just flown by so far, I can't believe that we're not that far away from Christmas! Lucky for that too because Brian's been gone for almost two weeks now in Japan. We miss him so much but are able to talk to him on Skype most days, sometimes even twice a day. He's 15 hours ahead of us so it's been weird to talk to him when it'll be my Tuesday, his Wednesday, makes for some confusing conversations! Brian's been flying a lot (he's actually flying right now, flight number 5) so he's been staying really busy out there. Hopefully he will update soon! Brian took out the nicer of our 2 computers so I probably won't be updating with pictures as much because this computer is S L O W!

Brady has done really well with this deployment (so far). I was really worried because he is crazy about his Daddy but he's been content to Skype and look at pictures of him. I'm hoping that continues! Brady grows up every single day. Brian even said the other day, I've only been gone 10 days and he's changed so much! He literally learns a new word every day and talks more and more, it's so crazy! His word yesterday was bite. I was eating a Dairy Queen blizzard (for the baby, not for me, of course) and he came up to me and said "Mama, bite." I absolutely love that I'm able to stay home with him and see him learning. He's so proud of himself too when he learns a new word! He's still obsessed with Elmo and The Wiggles and they enter our home on a daily basis. He also enjoyed playing in the snow the last 2 snowfalls we got and even helped mommy shovel the driveway!

I've been feeling really good the past two weeks. I've missed having my best friend around but I kind of just go into "deployment mode" when he leaves. I am so, so thankful he left during my 2nd trimester because whew, that first one was a dousy! I am feeling so much better now besides some fatigue but I think that may be from taking care of an active toddler 24/7. At my last doctor appointment they said the baby's heartbeat was 140 which is much lower than Brady's ever was. Pretty sure his was always in the high 150s and 160s. So perhaps a calmer child?? I have an ultrasound on the 30th (my 20 week anatomy scan) so we should hopefully be able to confirm the gender! So excited! I have only bought 2 outfits so far just in case the other ultrasound was wrong. I'm starting to feel the baby move too so that's exciting. That was my favorite part about being pregnant. We're looking forward to Christmas even though we've already celebrated Christmas twice so far and Brian won't be here. Grandma and Grandpa are coming out for a week to entertain us so that'll be fun! My next update I will include pictures! :)


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