Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Meeting Great-Grandpa Fothergill

We were so lucky a few weeks ago to have Brady's Great Grandpa Fothergill and Great Aunt Judy stop by on their way from Washington back home to Ohio. It was Brady's first time meeting his Great Grandpa Fothergill and he had lots of fun talking to him and showing him all of his toys! He thought Great Aunt Judy was pretty neat too, she even let him help wash her car! Here are a few pictures from their visit:

Brady and his Great Grandpa..and Max (Judy's dog!)

Great Aunt Judy and Brady

Showing Grandpa all of his toys. All of the dogs thought he was pretty cool too!

Brian made it back just in time from his TDY to see them!

Brian and I with Grandpa

Brian with his Aunt Judy

Brady thought Grandpa's hat was pretty cool!

So glad they were able to visit! :)


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