Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Offutt AFB Air Show!

Ok I am way behind on my updates!! I am going to do a couple blogs in a row to catch everyone up! I am going to start with the Offutt AFB airshow. I have been so excited for this ever since I found out there was going to be one! I love planes, especially the Thunderbirds!! My parents came into town for the airshow. Well my dad came for the show, and my mom came to hang out with Brady! :) It was a great week before the airshow because we got to watch all of the planes practicing and see some of the planes coming in for the show. On the Friday before the show, Brian's squadron had a bbq and we were able to watch the F-22 and the Thunderbirds practice. We had Brady with and I was so nervous because of the loud noises, but I think me covering his ears scared him more than the planes did! He did great! Had no clue what was going on, but he didn't cry at all! Here are some pictures from the show:

Some of the planes at the gate

On the day of the practice Brady and I!

Brian and Brady

It was super sunny out, so Brady got to wear his hat!

Not too happy about that!

Thunderbirds taking off!! They were so close to us!

Bad picture, but them flying right over us!
At the airshow, Brian's plane, the RC-135!

Little man!

The three of us on our way to the airshow!

OFFUTT AFB!!! The engine of Brian's plane, so close to the ground!

Brian and I under the plane

This was actually the plane that Brian had his checkride in!

Brian and my dad under the huge nose of the RC-135

Brian and my dad in the C-17

I caught a football they were throwing out in the crowd! I was pumped! What you don't see is all the kids I pushed out of the way to get it!

One of the navy's swamp uniforms. Looked hot!

The end to a perfect day..watching the Thunderbirds with my hubby! Oh and my dad too! :)


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