Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mommy Brady Time!

With Brian gone at survival, Brady and I have gotten to spend a ton of quality time together!! We have quite the schedule going and it's been a lot better than I was anticipating. Single parenting is no joke though, let me tell you!! It's hard knowing that the few nights he's waking up in the middle of the night (teething) I can't roll over and say honey, your turn! It's good practice for deployments though and I think that Brady and I have compromised. He gives me endless supplies of laughs and giggles and I give him all the formula and attention he wants! :)

We have 4 more days until Brian comes home and we couldn't be more excited! Brian has been having pretty much the worst experience at survival training. Yet he calls me every night with a positive attitude and sounds pretty happy! What a guy! :) A lot of his training that he receives there is top secret, but from what he can tell me, it sounds like a pretty horrible time. He had a lot of classroom training the first week or so. Then, he went into the woods and had to survive for 5 days. He was given a bunny, chicken, and some food and water that he could carry. He also had to try and not get captured. Then he had prisoner of war training. Sounded horrible, but it's great training to have if, God forbid, his plane crashed. He comes home Monday and I'm not sure who's more excited to see him, Rascal, Brady, or myself!! He's just looking forward to a home cooked meal! :)

We are so blessed to have really friends here in Omaha. This week our friends came over and cut our grass and watched Brady for me while I got some housework done. That's the amazing thing about the military-people know that your husband is gone, and they are over at your house helping you out without you even asking! We've been keeping busy by going out to lunch with them, shopping, and going for lots of walks!

Brady is going to be 5 months tomorrow! I can't believe it! He is getting so big! Today he rolled over both ways and is thrilled with himself that he can do that! He is now rolling all over the living room. Time for the baby gates and time to child proof the house! I actually got a video of him doing it. He's been able to roll from his tummy to his back for a few months now, but figured out how to put it all together today. He'd been so close the last few days and I happened to have my camera and he did it!! Here are some recent pics of my little guy:

Eating rice cereal in his highchair like a big boy!

Almost able to sit up on his own! Sitting on the bed watching mommy get dressed.

In his big boy outfit

Smiley boy!

Getting ready for swimming!

He's looking so old!

Close-up of my precious boy's face!

Trying so hard to roll over on his belly

Mom, I did it!!!

And back over again. That's multi-tasking, rolling over, playing with pacifier, and playing with a toy!

Brady rolling over onto his belly!


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