Wednesday, September 15, 2010

4 Months!!

My little baby boy is 4 months old!! Actually he's not too far away from being 5 months!! In a lot of ways it feels like he's been here for years, but he has grown up so much in the last 4.5 months!! He had his checkup today and he weighs 16 lbs, 5 oz (75%) and is 26 inches long (90%) so he is a big boy!! Must take after his dad who was 30 lbs at 1 year! He is healthy and the doctor suspects that he is teething since he has been pulling on his ear a lot, drooling, fussing, putting everything in his mouth, and has run a low grade fever in the past few days. He is just such a cutie lately. OK what am I saying, I've always thought he was a cutie! :) He is grabbing anything he can get his hands on and can transfer them from hand to hand. He can also sit up with support, I can let go of him and he'll sit for a few seconds and then lean forward. It won't be long before he will be able to sit up on his own! He is also eating rice cereal, and is eating a lot of it! He loves it, although he still makes a face the first spoonful! Here are some 4 month pictures of Brady:

He's got such a grown up face!

Little monkey feet! :)

Silly boy!

They were having a deep convo about bottles.

Getting ready for his first rice cereal feeding!

First spoonful!

Not too sure!!

Swinging on the deck!

Cute in blue! :)

We're gonna miss swinging on the deck this winter!

My bumbo. My yard.


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