Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Message from Brady

Hi everyone this is Brady. My mom always does this blog thing and I thought for once I should give her a break and do it for her. So I know everyone just checks this just to see my handsome face. And I want you all to know my handsome face is doing really well, I haven't scratched myself in at least a week. Also I am eating really well and sleeping pretty well. Sometimes I just like to get up in the middle of the night to play with my mom and dad though, can you blame me? My mom was out one day and my dad was watching me and I thought it would be soo funny to play a joke on my dad. So I pushed as hard as I could and my diaper exploded and poopy got everywhere. Dad didn't laugh, but mom sure did when dad told her about it! I'm good at that. Umm other than that my life is pretty routine. My mom signed me up for swimming lessons (I know, swimming lessons for a 4 month old, who does that?!) but I really like the water and am looking forward to meeting some young girls. (Sorry Alex, but when you don't return my calls, what is a man to do?) Oh also I learned how to blow bubbles this week and I do it constantly. I do it in Target, church, the neighbor's house, in the car, in the bath, in my crib, on skype with my grandma and grandpa, I pretty much do it everywhere. Well it's really past my bedtime and this almost 4 month old needs his beauty sleep. Peace ya'll!

Alex if you read this, here's proof I've been trying to call you
Can you resist this handsome face? I think not.

Dad showing me how a Droid works. I'm hoping to get one for my 6 month birthday.

Yeahh, Go Twins!!

My mom and I. She's pretty cool.

My Jr. GQ photo shoot. May have to work on the abs.

So, these fishies are the coolest thing. Sometimes they talk to me and they make me make fishy faces to them. So I do.

My mom has to take pictures of me doing everything. So. Annoying.

Seriously mom! I'm doing my thing in the pool, put the camera down!!

Me blowing bubbles. Watch this be #1 on YouTube. Watch out Justin Bieber!


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