Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Weekend Review

We had a nice long weekend thanks to MLK Day so even though it's Tuesday, it completely feels like Monday!  Here's a little recap of our weekend!

Friday night Brian had a naming night at his squadron. A naming night basically consists of them getting together to "name" people with call signs and they drink as much as possible. Brian's been in the squadron from almost 3.5 years (I told ya, people stay here forever!) and this past Friday it was his turn! His call sign is Brash (long story) but he had a lot of fun and it was an early night for him Friday, haha!

Saturday Layla tried red pepper hummus for the first time...and loved it. Girl loves her snacks!

We took the kids swimming even though it was beyond freezing out. It was nice and steamy in the pool area though!

And Layla had more snacks while waiting to be changed. She was cracking people up.

We've been working on slowly potty training Layla. She's pretty consistent on using the potty in the morning and stays dry during the day but after naptime unless she has to go #2 usually doesn't use the potty much. We're completely taking her lead and we're pretty impressed that at 20 months she uses the potty so much without a fuss! I think having a big brother who encourages her to do so really helps. And can you tell we were barged in on? Those are our not amused faces.

Saturday night was our Grape Girls monthly outing. We went to this great place called Brix for dinner and wine.  They have these cool wine dispensers (I know there's a more formal word for this but you get the idea) and they have like 100 different wines and you can get this card, put it in the machine, and try it by the ounce, half glass, or whole glass. That way you can sample the more expensive wines without breaking the bank. Genius. After that we went to a country bar and took line dancing lessons! This was my get-up.

Here's us during part of the lesson.

I was soo out of my element but it was really fun!

Sunday we woke up and we decided to brave church with all 4 of us. You see, Layla has this little issue called volume modification. In that she has none. So because of that Brian usually takes Brady to mass (because he can sit still in the normal part of church, not the cry room and can be quiet) while I stay home with Layla. We decided to just try it and went straight to the cry room. And the cry room was actually really quiet this time around. Except for Layla. "LOOK MONNY! (What she calls me) LOOK DADDY! A BABY!!" She was struggling with sitting still so I pulled out a sticker book. Big mistake. "MONKEY!!!! MONKEY!!! DOGGY!!! BANANA!!! MONNY! I WANT A BANANA!!" Wahhhh! One of us was constantly shushing her (mainly Brady) or trying to console her so needless to say we didn't get much out of it. We'll try again but it may not be for a little while. Oh and she got a runny nose while we were at church. I'm sure everyone loved us.

After church we went outside because it was crazy nice out and did fun things like pick up the 10 pounds of dog poop in the yard.

And ride down the hill on a fire truck.

We tried to take some pictures of them but we all know how that goes.

Layla with her little heels on with the over the shoulder look. Work it girl.

And then there's angel boy Brady.

We finished the day out with a walk to the park and some juice boxes. Always juice boxes. 

Monday we took Brady to get his hair cut, went to Trader Joe's where Layla was a screaming mess for who knows what reason, took it easy around the house, and I went to a Fierce (that's actually the name and now I understand why, holy man!) class at the Y where I almost died. 

So that's our weekend! I can barely walk today thanks to that class and it's below zero out again (Omaha's weather is drunk this year, I swear) but only 4 more days till the weekend! :)


Traci@TheHallway said...

Hahahaha! Looks like a fun filled weekend for sure! Love the potty picture... priceless! We have a Wine Cellar place in Jacksonville that is exactly the same as the place you went to... order a card, can try ounces or glasses of wine, it is amazing! Hope you guys have a great short week!! Woohooo!!

Shannon said...

I'm super impressed with the potty training. Any tips for my 27 month old and potty training?

Also, hummus is delicious. Layla knows what she's doing.

Jenn said...

Ahahahahahaha omg I snorted at more than one of these photos. Where to begin? Layla shoveling hummus (she and Sam could hang with that snack), Layla snacking at the pool (she's looking at you like, what? Swimming is hungry business!), both of y'all in the bathroom (my personal favorite- Layla looks so offended), or your recap of mass (solidarity there, sister- this is why we haven't been in a while). You are so funny!!

Becky Dougherty said...

Hahaha! You sound like me when we were doing Insanity. I was pretty sure I was going to die every time. lol

Looks like another great weekend! :)

Janelle Vannice said...

What a fun weekend! I love that Layla is always eating, haha! So cute! :)

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