Monday, January 13, 2014

Weekend Recap

Thanks for the all of the sweet comments in my last blog post. The sun came out this weekend and I think I just needed some vitamin D in my life because I feel so much better! Not to mention it was in the 50's which felt like spring break!  Our weekend was pretty quiet. January is usually one of my least favorite months but after the hustle and bustle from the last couple months, a quiet January is just what we needed.  
Anyway, this weekend started out Friday night where we went to the sweetest little boy's 1st birthday party.

Where Brian wore the same shirt as Jessica (my running partner and birthday boy's mama) and had the same camera around his neck. Nerd alert? ;)

The kids had tons and tons of fun playing, jumping, and eating.

And Layla let everyone know she had to go potty.

Saturday morning we hit up the Y. We put the kids in Y-care while Brian and I worked out for a little while. After that we went in the gym and shot some hoops.

Where we obviously dominated the court. Not only because for a majority of the time we had the gyms to ourselves but because the kids and I are the best short basketball players you've ever seen. Brian and I did a free throw contest (against each other, we tied if you're wondering) and I could barely lift my arms yesterday. Seriously. I was leaving Panera and I could barely hold the door for an older couple.  Out. Of. Shape.

Saturday and Sunday we spent a majority of the day outside. Like I said, it was in the 50's and felt glorious! 

Have I mentioned how nice it is to have him home? So nice.

Big boy on the big slide!

Little girls turn!

He may be growing up fast but he still needs his mommy now and then.

Brian was practicing taking portraits with the camera. We realized after a few shots that this wall had a bunch of male anatomy drawn on it..the perfect backdrop for any picture.

And Layla ate a bunch of snacks....not much new here!


whit | Black Little Button blog said...

awe how fun! :)

Shannon said...

So many funny pictures. The "twins", the "potty" picture and the "male parts wall". Don't know which I love the most!

Becky Dougherty said...

I love these pictures! So many of them made me laugh! I'm glad you had a nice weekend! :)

Janelle Vannice said...

What a fun weekend! Hopefully the weather will stay nice for you guys - outdoor activities are the best! :)

Jenn said...

Jealous of the nice weather! And I snorted when I read about your backdrop!! LOL

Traci@TheHallway said...

HAHAHA... the wall art! Classic! Looks like an all in all great weekend!

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