Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I'm So Cool..

That title is a lie because I'm so not cool anymore. Want to know why?

I'm So Cool because.....

*I choose to go to Target now on Friday and Saturday nights. For fun.

* I get hungover from a single glass of wine. Heck even if I smell some wine I wake up with a twinge of a headache. (But it's still worth it.)

*I couldn't tell you what movies are in the theaters right now. Besides Frozen. Only because we went to see it.

*I listen to songs now that were on my playlist from college. And now I cringe when I listen to them. Inappropriate much?

*For Christmas Brian and I got each other nightstands. Nightstands. And we were both pretty excited about them.

*I carry my money in envelopes (per budgeting via Dave Ramsey) and my single, child-less friends look at me like I'm crazy.

*I could tell you anything and everything about Thomas the Train characters, Caillou, the plot of Cars vs Cars 2, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

*Getting dressed up to me now means changing out of my yoga pants and putting on leggings.

*If I'm feeling wild and crazy I'll get regular caffeinated coffee..and will be jittery from it for at least 10+ hours

*Dinner is eaten at 5:30 in this house (mainly because of the young, tiny, feed me every 2 hours bellies in this house). Whenever I have dinner out with friends and the time is set for 7:00 I think, "7:00?! How am I possibly going to make it until 7:00?!"

*My purse is usually from Target. And covered in crumbs. And snotty kid tissues.

*When we go on vacation and stay in a hotel a chunk of the evening is spent in the bathroom not making a noise while young ones fall asleep. Whatever. You. Do. Don't. Wake. Them. Up!

*When we get together with friends and their kids when it hits about 8:00 everyone is either yawning, screaming, or a little of both.

I know there's more but my "cool" self can't think of them.  Anyone else as cool as I am?


Traci@TheHallway said...

This. Was. Awesome! hahaha! I am dying over here! :) Totally cool!

Becky Dougherty said...

Oh my goodness! I love this! I especially love the part about changing out of yoga pants and putting on leggings to dress up!!! I'm telling you, I find every way possible to wear leggings to work! They can be dressed up very nicely! So I go from sweats (or pjs) at home to leggings for work! :)

Kate @ Daffodils said...

I am as cool as you are and then some!

Jenn said...

Totally changed out of my yoga pants for leggings earlier today! We are the coolest!

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