Thursday, January 23, 2014


I've been thinking lately about how quickly my children are growing up, although some days it doesn't feel that way!  So to look back on and remember, here are my favorite/least favorite things about their current ages.


 -Super Helpful
-Loves playing with other kids and can actually do so now without major issues
-Getting more and more self sufficient
-100% Potty Trained! Hallelujah!
-Can have a real conversation with him
-Fun to be around
-Can do fun new activities like go to the movies, church, sporting events because he can sit still now!
-Loves preschool 
-Loves spending time with me 
-Loves his sister like no other
-Knows how to share!
-Talks about his friends and dare I say it his "girlfriends" from preschool

Least Favorite:
-Attitude. Now that he's getting smarter and can express his feelings, he has no problem expressing them, and sometimes does so with an attitude.
-Doesn't take a nap everyday anymore. Still has quiet time in his room but he still needs that nap. Child, why deny something so lovely?!
-Thinks he's an adult and tries to do adult things that he shouldn't like wipe his sister's butt (I will spare you the details on that one), feed the dog 5x his normal serving, and serve himself a breakfast of chocolate and other random things he can find on the kitchen counter.
-He doesn't like to snuggle much anymore which makes me sad!
-The fact that he's growing up and is almost 4. 4 is so much older than 3 to me!


-Able to communicate her wants and needs so much better
-She's not a baby but not a big girl yet either.
-She has the most hilarious babbles. We call it "Cornhusker".  
-She still gets told she's cute and gets a lot of attention when we're out and about.
-She's starting to be able to entertain herself and plays so well with her brother
-She is an awesome sleeper. Awesome. She's making up for her first 14 months!
-She's an eater and impresses me with what and how much she eats!
-She's interested in potty training!
-Her hair is getting long enough to try new fun things. The one that gets the most positive feedback is her on the top of the head ponytail.

Least Favorite:
-The tantrums. Oh man. Both of my children have gone through the "Terrible Two's" nice and early but if that means the 3's will be easy for both kids, I'll take it.
-She gets frustrated easily. And her first reaction is to scream. 
-We can't always understand what she wants and that's frustrating for everyone
-She wants to do everything her brother does, including going to preschool, so every time we drop him off there's tears.
-Tantrums. Did I mention those?
-Her hair. It's in that awkward stage and is still such a mullet. I don't know if I should get it trimmed or just let it grow out!
-Teething. We just finished getting those canines and they were hell lots of fun. We're almost there! Just the 2 year molars and then we are done!! Yipee!!
-The fact that she's my baby and she's not that far away from being 2! It goes so, so fast.

And just for fun, I'll do mine too! :)


(this was a lot harder coming up with things for myself!)
-I definitely have more confidence at this age
-I would say I'm a better judge of character at this age and feel like I can read people pretty quickly. I don't hang on to friendships anymore that aren't healthy or aren't worth my time unlike in the past.  I choose now to surround myself with positive, caring, and wonderful people!
-I have my priorities set straight and am so much better at time management. Although sometimes I do lose myself on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest!
-I feel like this is a good age. I'm not too young anymore and not too old either. Can I stay 28 forever?
-I have what I wanted/dreamed of family-wise at this age. I wanted to be married and done having kids by 30 and since we got married and had children at a young age I have accomplished this!
-Overall I like who I am. And I don't know if I could have said that about myself 10 years ago.

Least Favorite:
-I've been planning our 10 year high school reunion for this summer. And just saying 10 year high school reunion makes me shudder a little bit!
-Sometimes I feel like I haven't accomplished much professionally. I compare myself to other 28 years olds who have these awesome careers and although I'm doing a super important job being a military wife and mama to two young ones, it still makes me feel like I'm missing out a little bit.
-My metabolism is starting to slow down. And that's a little depressing.
-I still don't know what I want to do yet. My kids will both be in school full time in 3.5 years and I don't know if I want to continue to stay home, find a way to work from home, or get a job out of the home at that time. I still have some soul searching to find out what I truly want to do.

And speaking of ages, Happy 8th Birthday to our pup, my first child, Rascal!


Becky Dougherty said...

I love this! I would say there are definitely good and bad things about every age! I wish I could go back to 28....maybe even 25! lol

Janelle Vannice said...

This post is so fun! I love it. It was neat to read about your kiddos and yourself. :) I would also love to be done having kids before I'm 30, but I'm already 26, so that likely won't happen!

Jenn said...

You are hilarious. I am so glad you included yourself. ;) I've heard some people (ok, a ton of people) say 3 is worse than 2, and 4 is the most amazing year, but since 3 is going well so far (knock on all the wood everywhere), I am hoping that's not true for us. However, Molly has hit the terrible twos already (and has been in them for too many months now for someone who hasn't even turned 2 yet), and I kinda can't wait for this stage to end.

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Cute idea and a great way to remember how the kids were right now. Bennett likes to try and help cullen wipe too...what is up with taht? (Especially because CLEARLY C can wipe his on hiney). I sometimes struggle with the fact that my 'resume' has two years of teaching and then a whole lot of mothering and moving on it, but I a grateful to have been home with the kids.

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