Friday, November 8, 2013

What We've Been Up To

Well another flew by, woohoo!  We're about half(ish) ways done with this deployment! Things are going pretty well. Brady has now started telling me daily that he misses his daddy and asks when he'll be home, so that's tough, but otherwise things are going alright.  The time is going by quickly, we are staying very busy, and we're trying to stay as positive as possible.  There is a chance that Brian may have to deploy again a little over 2 months after he gets home again for about 100 days, so that's disheartening, but we're just going to try and take it one deployment at a time.  (If you can hear that, that's me shaking my head, pouring a glass of wine.) But anyways, here's what we've been up to this week:

1. Playdates, playdates, playdates.  And not just only for the kids, I've done some too! Craft and wine night with a friend counts as a playdate, right?! :)  
Our MOPs table group had a playdate at the Omaha zoo where we got a little penguin lesson and got to watch them feed the penguins!

It was pretty cool!

I guess seeing all the fish the penguins ate made Brady hungry??

The best picture out of 20, sigh.

Playing with friends at Bounce U

 2. Christmas Shopping.  I know it's only November 8th but I've been really getting a jump start on everything Christmas around here. I've been planning Advent calendars, Christmas gifts for family and friends, and making fun holiday plans. I think I've been rushing it this year because Brian will (hopefully) be home right before the holidays!! And since we recently got Amazon Prime (dangerous!) I've been doing a lot of shopping with just one click!  And not to overshadow Thanksgiving, we're really looking forward to going home to Minnesota and seeing everyone. And we do talk about what we're thankful for every night too! :)
Can you guess which gift is for who?? :)

3. Preparing for Winter. Blah! It's starting to get colder here and darker earlier and earlier. I had to go through their winter things and make sure we had heavy coats, boots,  mittens, and hats.  I know the first snowfall is just around the corner but I am so not ready for it. 

Trying on their boots, pants optional.

4. Trying to get healthy. We've been alternating between sick and healthy for about the past 3 weeks. Right now I'm the only one that's sick and I hope it stays that way!  I just can't seem to kick this bug. Staying up until 1 am watching Lifetime movies probably doesn't help it, no?

Getting a rare snuggle session in with my teething miss.

 5. Eating cupcakes.

Don't worry, we're still doing that.

We drove 20 minutes to get Caribou, Mommy's favorite coffee, at the only location in Omaha, 20 minutes away. It was worth the cupcake mess, I think.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! :)


Becky Dougherty said...

Yay for being about half-way through the deployment! I love Christmas shopping. It's so fun to pick out gifts for people. I just ordered gifts for my cousin's kids today. :)

Jenny @ Creatively Blooming said...

Yay for the half-way point! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you guys that there's not another deployment for a while.

I feel so overwhelmed right now as far as shopping goes - getting stuff for baby, working on Christmas gifts, Trenton's birthday in January.... Amazon Prime does make it easy though! We get it free while Jarrod is a student here. I'm not sure I'll be able to give it up when he goes back to a real command!

Jenn said...

Yeehaw halfway done! You are rockin' it, girl! I hope you feel better soon. Nothing, NOTHING is worse than being sick AND the only parent on-call. I puked once (!) about a week after Steve deployed and you better believe I laid on the kitchen floor while kids crawled all over me and called my mommy to come up ASAP and take care of me (aka peel these whiny children off of me and let me sleep). And God bless the woman, she came the next day. I'm at a loss for xmas gifts for the kids this year. What are you getting yours??? (So I can copy)

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