Monday, November 4, 2013

Weekend Recap: Preschool Pumpkin Party, Birthday Party, and a Little In Between!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Ours was nice and low key which was just what we needed.  I know you're all probably so sick and tired of seeing Halloween pictures but I just had to share a few (ok quite a bit) of Brady's preschool pumpkin party and a little of trick or treating with friends among other things.  
Brady in the gym with all of his preschool friends. I got there a little early and got to watch him (without him knowing) in his element and gosh he's so well behaved, it made me proud! And when he did see me, the joy that was on his face brought tears to my eyes. He jumped up out the circle, screamed "MOMMY!!!" and ran into my arms causing everyone to go "awwhhh". That, folks, will not last forever, so I'm still replaying that over and over in my head.  Layla was at Parent's Day Out so I got to spend a wonderful hour with Brady at preschool and it was one of my most favorite mornings ever.

At the pumpkin party one of the mamas read Room on the Broom, one of our favorites. It was so cute to see them all in costume!

Party bags

Cute little party snacks

Enjoying his snack

His cute little class

Then it was on to games and crafts

Ghost bowling

"Mommy! I made you!" Uhh thanks Brady.

Pin the eye on the monster.

Love this little Buzz Buzz. 

Then they did the cutest little performance for us

Brady knew all of the words and the actions, it blew me away.

Here's a short video of them.  He got a little distracted because a baby crawled over to me and was pulling up on my legs, he got worried, haha!

Brady and Brayden, Buzz Buzz and the Big Bad Wolf! 

After preschool and PDO pick-up it was time for pumpkin bags

Trying to get a picture of them together is really impossible

Opening his Halloween card

After naps it was time to go trick or treating. We went to a friends that live in the on base housing that funny enough is off base.

They were ready to go, haha!

Another wonderful sibling photo from yours truly

The silly boys!

Layla enjoying the fire

We strapped the wings on and we were off

Layla enjoyed the suckers most of all

Yeah I should just give up

Then we went to our neighborhood to see and chat with our neighbors. And for Layla to ride in the wagon and sneak candy.

Goodbye Halloween, see you in a year!

Friday we had a major Halloween hangover. As in crabby and crazy to the extreme. They didn't even have that much candy either.

But we saw a double rainbow so yeah that was pretty neat. (Gosh, I need to get a life).

Saturday we did absolutely nothing. We stayed in our jammies, played, and cleaned the house. I could tell we've been a little too busy lately because the kids absolutely loved staying home and actually got along! Que shocked face.

Oh and we also played peek-a-boo with Daddy on Skype. I'm sure everyone in the media center thought he was crazy but he was just doing Daddy things any way he can!

Sunday we went to the cutest little Chica themed birthday party for a dear friend's 2nd Birthday.

We had so much fun!

Another weekend down and another week closer to Daddy coming home! :)


Shannon said...

Great pictures. Tay was just like Layla and wanted to eat the suckers more than the chocolate. Fine by me - more chocolate for Mama!! :)

Jenn said...

That is so SWEET that he would play peekaboo on skype with them. :) You survived Halloween!! Yaaaaay!!! And good lord woman, your Halloween lasted WEEKS. Ours was over after 2 nights. (luckily for my hips...) I will miss seeing Layla eating candy and Brady wearing his Buzz costume. Praying the weekends fly by until the deployment is over! I always felt like they lasted a mother-lovin' eternity when Steve was gone.

Traci@TheHallway said...

What a perfect weekend if you ask me! We have Room on the Broom too and it is definitely a favorite in our house too! :) and I love his craft that he did of you ;) haha! That is too funny! Hope you guys have a great week! :)

Kate @ Daffodils said...

I love spying on the boys when they dont know that I am watching, it is the best! I am glad he was being good. They looked like they had a ball on Halloween and I am pretty sure we are still recovering a bit from the excitement of Halloween and the time change..rough!

The Chick Nest said...

Aww, great pics! Love that chica made the blog! :)

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