Monday, November 18, 2013

Our Weekend

This was the first weekend of the deployment where we had zero plans. Nada. And the first weekend in which our deployment buddies and the majority of our friends were either out of town or had family of their own in town and were busy.  At first when I saw that this was the case, (I am a planner, so yes, I check out my weekends in advance) I was excited. A whole weekend with no plans! We can relax! And do whatever we want!  And then I was reminded why we try to keep so busy, especially on the weekends. It's lonely. Wherever we went it seemed like we were the only ones there without a husband/dad. Weekends just plain stink during deployments because that's the time during the week that's for the family. We're almost 45 days in and 7 weekends down and I'm hitting kind of a slump. I'm sick of doing deployments. I'm sick of knowing that when one is over there's just another one looming ahead in the near distance.  I'm sick of parenting on my own and I'm sick of missing that fun family time on the weekend. And I'm not looking for sympathy, I know it could be sooo much worse (hello, 6, 12 month deployments!) but it's still hard and although I try and be positive 90% of the time, there's still those days that I'm not.  But knowing that we made it through another weekend, have a visitor coming on Tuesday (Aunt Cat, Brian's sister!), and a trip to Minnesota this week makes my mood that much brighter. And our weekend truly wasn't all down in the dumps, we did do some fun stuff!

Like write a letter to Santa and go to the post office and mail it.  Although now Brady thinks Santa hides in the post office and he asks me about it oh, about every 5 minutes.

The weather was absolutely wonderful this weekend (mid 60's!) so we took advantage and were outside as much as possible. We did a 1 mile run to the "yellow park" as Brady calls it. Brady cracks me up, the kid loves to run distances. It probably looked like I was punishing my child taking him on a jog but hey, whatever gets the energy out!

They ran, and ran, and ran. Thank God for random nice days!

This little girl was in the weirdest mood. She kept doing this weird walk/limp like she was a gangster or something. She makes me laugh.

Get that applesauce, girl. And lady mullet, you get that wind.

So passionate about her applesauce

Can't. Open. Eyes. Must. Enjoy. Applesauce.

Another day outside, so wonderful!

My sweet, extra cautious, little man. He has to wear his helmet anytime his feet touch the petals. 

So that was our weekend! I also spent a lot of time organizing, crafting, and relaxing. I really do feel better, even just after writing out my feelings and frustrations.  I'm ready to tackle another week and get that much closer to our homecoming! :)


whit | Black Little Button blog said...

awe so fun! I just down that same applesauce about 20 minutes ago too ;)

Janelle Vannice said...

I'm sorry you had a lonelier weekend than normal, but it sounds like you'll have fun with Brian's sister this week and then your trip! :)

Becky Dougherty said...

I love Brady's letter to Santa. So sweet. :)

Traci@TheHallway said...

So glad it turned out to be a great weekend! Sorry you were feeling down :( no fun at all! Hope you have a better week and YAY for getting to see more family! :)

Jamie said...

They're too cute.

Jenn said...

Weekends drag during deployment and then fly by when they're home! We got all of our out-in-society time during the week so I could be a hermit on the weekends. I hate seeing husbands home when mine's not. QUIT LOOKING SO DAMN HAPPY, EVERYONE. (says Crabby Jenn) Hugs, mama! Praying for more nice weather days and long, long naps. ;)

The Chick Nest said...

I am glad the deployment will be over for you now! So sorry this was a bummer weekend! :(

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