Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Wedding Weekend: Danny and Dana Ross

This past weekend we traveled to Fargo to celebrate the wedding of Danny (Brian's younger brother) and Dana.  We had a wonderful weekend celebrating their marriage and seeing lots of family and friends. Here are the pictures from our weekend (warning, picture overload!!).  

We left Omaha early in the morning on Friday and got to Fargo around lunchtime. 

We got settled in at the hotel, tried to get the kiddos to nap (unsuccessfully, of course) and then headed to the rehearsal.  

Layla and her Aunt Cat (Brian's sister) at the rehearsal.

After that we went to the rehearsal dinner at Rhombus Guys, a pizza place where Uncle Danny used to work. It was delicious! Here are the kiddos with Brian's parents, their grandparents, their Great-Uncle Jim, and both sets of their great-grandparents. I love when they get to be with all of them at once, so special!

Layla telling Great Grandma what it's all about.

There were cupcakes. Of course my children hated them.

"Let's pretend like we're getting married and feed each other cake!" Ok!

Mom will never notice if I just take one more cupcake....  OH yes and if you're wondering, that green frosting did stain their faces. Fun times, fun times.

Brian with his brother

The beautiful bride and groom

Brady just zoning out half a pizza in front of him, in front of the phone.  Age 3 or age 18??

Me with my new sister-in law

And me with my brother-in law. And yes I am that short.

And a wall framer of a picture of Danny and Dana with their niece and nephew.

The next morning we went to the pool and Brian tried as hard as possible to hurt himself before the wedding.

After some long, wonderful naps it was time to get the kiddos dressed and to the church for family pictures.

Layla, still not ready to be up.

Brady ready to pick up ladies

Just reading books with Gramma to kill some time.

Brian walking down the aisle with Dana's sister

Beautiful wedding!

Brian's Aunt Ann and cousin Trish singing at the wedding

Layla admiring the bride

Siblings! Love them all! :)

Party bus! And no, I did not bring the kids on the party bus. Although, I think Brady would have loved it, haha! My parents were at the wedding too and they took the kiddos back to the hotel before the reception.

Layla had her game face on and was ready to eat all the food the wedding had to offer. And Brady ate a salad.

Layla and I just hanging out at the wedding. Sorry for the blurry iPhone picture.

Layla losing steam sitting in Grampa's lap

Brian giving his best man speech

My favorite picture of the night...Brady with his new aunt! So sweet!

Then it was time for the dance. And I'm not exaggerating when I tell you Brady had been waiting for this for months.

My in-laws dancing..so sweet!

And to the dance floor Brady goes. Just doing a little heel action with the bride.

Mommy, it's so much fun! Dancing!

Layla dancing with the groom

Both kiddos had a BLAST!

Brady had crowds forming around him as he danced. It was hilarious!

Family picture!

Layla trying to catch the bouquet...or was Brian trying to?

Brady and Papa cuttin a rug

"Do the robot Brady, do the robot!"

Daddy and his little lady

And a quick Brady/Mommy selfie after a bathroom break. 

Brady and Gramma dancing together

Video of Brady dancing...it's super dark, sorry!

Brady had all of the girls after him. And he seriously danced for like 3 hours straight...until 11pm!

Gramma with her party hat on, ready to go!

After a late, late night everyone slept in until almost 10. We spent some time with Gramma and Grampa before they headed out.

And then went to go say goodbye to everyone else too.

We decided to take our time getting home and took some long breaks at rest stops.

And maybe took a photo...

or two...

And ran off as much energy as possible

In Sioux City, Iowa we found this neat park right on the river.  

We posed beautifully by some bush thingy

Did a little more dancing because the night before wasn't enough I guess?

And Layla took Rascal for a walk...or was it the other way around?

Our trip left us all pretty exhausted but we had fun!  Congrats Danny and Dana!! :)


whit | Black Little Button blog said...

awe the wedding looks like such a great time

Jenn said...

Omg. Layla's game face for the wedding food cracked me up. I love that she loves to eat! And Brady dancing- whoo mama watch out! He is gonna be a ladies man in high school! (maybe sooner!) So glad y'all got to go to the wedding. Looked like so much fun. :)

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