Friday, September 13, 2013

Highs and Lows

I always start the week out doing so well blogging and then the week just gets away from me and before I know it, it's almost the weekend! Our week has flown by and we're looking forward to our jam packed (and hopefully fun!) weekend. Here are the highs and lows of the week:

HIGH: The kids have been playing really well together lately and if we're doing something, they want to include each other. Here they are taking their "babies" (Brady's Teddy and Layla's Baby, original in their naming, I know) for a walk.  I'm not holding my breath that their wanting to playing together will continue but I think being a part a little more during the week makes them kind of miss each other??

LOW: Layla's moods have been all over the place this week. She's as hormonal as a teenager, I swear! She goes from completely sweet to a crying mess to a sassy woman to an angry lady banging her head on the floor. Maybe it's from parenting her baby doll. Lord knows being a mommy makes me scream and cry from time to time too! :)

HIGH: Layla started Parent's Day Out this week so I now have Thursday mornings from 9-11:30 child free!! And I did spend this past Thursday cleaning the house but it was just so nice to do so without any interruptions.  Layla really enjoyed her time at PDO too and Brady still loves preschool so it's a win, win!

LOW: We're back to not pooping in the potty again. I swear Brady reads this blog. The day after I said things were going so well, he started pooping in his Pull-Up at night again. So hey buddy, enough's enough! Poop in the stinkin potty!! K? Thanks! :)

HIGH: The weather has been beautiful these past couple of days and we've actually been able to be outside and enjoy it. This picture is from a new park we found the other night with the sunset and some storm clouds rolling in. Yeah, yeah and a cornfield too. I know, how stereotypical. 

LOW: We are one more week closer to the dread "D" word (deployment).  More on that next week.

HIGH: My first bunco I attended last week I got the most wins and won a cash prize...yess!! It was lots of fun. I'm finding that I'm a lot more competitive than I thought I was and I was really getting into Bunco. Who would've thought rolling some dice could be so entertaining??

LOW: Outings with both mobile (and able to run) children have been a little bit of a struggle lately. This was at the library before all hell broke loose. Layla has decided it's overrated to listen to me and just took off as we were checking out our library books. Brady trying to be helpful runs after Layla and grabs her arm, knocking her over, making her scream, making everyone look at us.  I then had to run back to the desk, finish checking out our books, apologize, while both kids are screaming (Brady because he wanted to hold Layla's hand and she won't let him and Layla because she doesn't want to leave).  Not one of my best Mommy moments. Next time stroller is a must!

I DON'T KNOW: My 10k is this weekend. I get the Omaha World Herald daily and I read this on the front page about the race I'm running in, the Corporate Cup.  To summarize, the title says "A new, hillier, tougher route for this year's corporate cup. Yay.  I do not get along with hills and running, especially long distances.  So we shall see. I don't feel anywhere nears ready for the race this weekend but I'm excited to do it! They're expecting crowds of 15,000+ so this race is a pretty big deal! I'll share it will you all on Monday! 

Have a good weekend everyone!! :)


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