Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Truthful Tuesday

Another round of Truthful Tuesday's brought to you by me.

  • I've been an Air Force wife for 5 years and tonight is the first Bunco I will have attended. A little behind, perhaps?
  • I recently have developed somewhat of a taste for beer.  Not just any beer though. It has to be a wheat beer with either a lemon or an orange flavor...I really like Leine's Orange Shandy and Summer Shandy..yum!
  • I pretty much will find any reason to celebrate any holiday/birthday/occasion because I absolutely love parties.   That being said, I am going to be 28 one month from today and it doesn't excite me in the least. Maybe it's a sign I'm getting older that I care so much more about everyone else's birthdays than I do mine now...what's happened to me?!
  • I'm not so sure that I want my kids to be in the military.  Not that I wouldn't be proud of them or support them completely, I just don't know that I wish that for them and their future spouses/families. It's a hard life and it's not for everyone.
  • I find that I just suck at cleaning my house. I really need to devise a cleaning schedule and stick with it. It seems that we just invite people over to force us to clean our house completely. I just want a company ready house all of the time but with two kiddos it's so dang hard. Anyone have any suggestions?? 
And with that I'm off to do housework! Happy Tuesday everyone! :)


whit | Black Little Button blog said...

My husband's parents met when they were both in the military, and had three boys (one of which is my husband) that are all in the military as well. It's crazy to think that that may be our life if we ever have kids too. My MIL is always having someone serve overseas. It's currently my FIL right now, and my BIL to leave next within this spring. so much anxiety on her shoulders.

Jenn said...

I just wiped so much dirt off the bottom of Molly's feet. So then I went and vacuumed the floors. It's probably worth mentioning that we also just had some company over. So you appear to be winning since you do the cleaning BEFORE the company arrives. I will get it together one day!

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