Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Rough Life of a Big Brother

Hi everyone it's me, Brady!  Mom had me grounded from the computer lately for bad behavior. You try having a cold and two huge molars poking out your gums, sheesh!  Well I want to be like my mom and tell you that life has been all rosy and peaches lately, but frankly, it hasn't been.  Life as a big brother and the man of the house is not easy. Here, let me show you.

So I've finally gotten the memo that Layla is, in fact, not leaving.  Guess we just have to get used to each other! 

But really, should I have to take her abuse?  She can be so violent sometimes.

And now she has a thing for pilots.

I'm always having to keep guys from her. "Ummm dude, she's 3 months old.  And she's bald. Get a life!"

Since Daddy is gone I have taken over the picture taking responsibility for the house.  I would say that I'm excelling.

So of course when Daddy deploys things usually break.
This time it was my that car broke down and the repair place got me a replacement.  However, this one had no breaks..

So they stuck me with this pink jeep.  Real manly, thanks.

My daddy says he's in Japan.  I personally never want to visit there, this is what you look like after you've visited.

I guess just because I'm 2 now people think it's acceptable to eat right in front of my face.

And smoke their fingers in front of me.

Mom treats us like packages in a dirty diaper factory. 

And Layla will flash her belly at anyone that will look.
See what I have to live with?! 
'Til next time, folks!


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