Monday, August 29, 2011

My Super Sweet 16 Month Birthday

Since I just turned the special sweet 16 months and since I basically can out-fly anyone here at Offutt, Dada told me that I could pick out a plane. I was hoping for a nice dinner at the McDonalds play place, but ugh I guess I'll take a plane. This is the T-1 that he flew in Columbus.

Ehh it was alright. I'm looking for something a little bigger, something that can carry lots of babes (and room for carseats). Next!

The next one we looked at was the T-6. It was ok, but it smelled like feces. (Pretty sure my dad flew this plane too.) Next!

The F-15E=loud as hell. Not going to work, I'm not trying to make my babes have hearing loss.

Ehh guys could I borrow your keys for a test drive? Seriously do you expect me to just buy one without flying it first?

Excuse my italian, but this plane was badass!! The A-10 is on the top of my list. I told Dad that we could pick up a TON of babes with this! He said, "Brady, I think you have to be at least 24 months to fly a plane with a gun at the end." Darn.

Goodness who knew it would be so hard?! So many planes, such little legs to get to them all.

Oooohhh big plane!!

Gotta take a quick dump first..

Gosh this plane makes me look good. Yowza I'm a stud!! What, ladies you need a ride? How about on my bomber? Bet you can't beat that pick up line! Yes, this plane just may be the one.

And then I saw it...the spaceship aka the B-2 bomber. (Uncle Danny is this the one you came on?)

Dad and I admiring the plane. I decided this was the one. Dad said, "Ok Brady, we'll just wrap it up in tissue paper and it's all yours!"

Then we got home and my parents said, "August Fools Brady!" Instead of a plane we have a better surprise. I have never been more pissed in my entire life.

"You get to pump up one of my tires!" Great Dad, just great.

" And you get spaghetti!" Really? Really?

Happy 16 months to me!

So it didn't turn out exactly how I had planned. And nevermind the fact I invited all my babes to go on a flight to the Children's Museum. No, no that's ok your joke really was great. Forget you Mom and Dad, I've got a backup plan!

Dear Santa,

Bomber Plane.




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