Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Brady and the Open Skies

One day, not long ago.....

Dada called me from work and said he needed some help, a mission only General Brady Ross could handle..

I got on the mighty RC-135 and made my first radio call. "Ground, Brady-One-Zero parked on Mike South request engine start at pilot's discretion and please put our clearance on request." Gosh, this is so easy.

The mission was hairy, but I guess that's why they called me in. I couldn't quite touch all of the controls, but I was still able to help out with the flaps, speed brakes, warning horn and emergency flap check... yeah Dada, the leading edge flaps are up on the right!

Uhhh Dada, I was supposed to hit birds, right???

Gosh, flying is so easy!

No big deal after my heroic landing Dada took me on a tour to meet all of the people who's lives I saved.

Everyone shouted and cheered for their hero, General Brady Ross.

That night, to go with our flying theme, Mom and Dad took me to the Nebraska Balloon and Wine Festival. Yippee.

Uhh guys, there's curves and cops here.

I told you so.

Ooohh hard landing!

The balloons were pretty cool and suprisingly romantic....

....So I thought I would try and text some of my chicks to come and enjoy it with me.

No really, I'm at a balloon festival girl, just have your mom bring you in your carseat!

Yess, she's coming!!!!

9 pm...no girl, lots of balloons, and my parents... epic fail

Stupid balloons. :(

Yeah Mom and Dad, let's stay out 2 hours past your son's bedtime and have a total stranger take our picture, great idea!

On another note, here are my audition pictures for the "Minnesota's Non-Resident but Parent's Grew Up There and Grandparents Still Live There Cutest Toddler Search."

Refreshing yet classic, yes?

Rascal is entering the dog division. Sorry bud, I think it's a long shot.

Dad's trying too....I wish it were effortless for them like it is for me.

The END!


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