Sunday, July 31, 2011

My little boy, he's growing up

I don't know if you've heard..but Brady is growing up. I can't believe that he's 15 months old, starting to talk a lot (even if it is lots of gibberish!) and now doing more and more big boy things. He certainly has lots of personality (as you can tell by his blogs) and loves to make us laugh. I took a mini little photo session of him one night while Brian was flying. Still can't believe how big he is! Here are some pictures of my big boy doing the things he does best.

While we were in Minnesota he also had his first haircut!

He thought the bubbles were the best!

He did so well, I was amazed! :)

Big boy!

He even got a prize after!

Brady at the splash pad near our house

He just liked running around!

He LOVES grocery shopping like this!

He plays at the park now like a big boy too. He loves sliding too all by himself!

Being silly with daddy at the park.

His new big boy chair.

Brady is so funny, when he hears music he instantly starts dancing. He also spins and spins until he falls down! Brian looks like a pageant dad too! :)

We're really into Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star as you can see!


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