Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Our Minnesota Trip

If you had to guess when the worst time to drive to Minnesota would be, you would probably guess Friday around noon on 4th of July weekend, right? Well we left at 11 am, but without thinking about it we unknowingly got stuck in so much traffic and construction that a normal 5 hour drive took about 7.5 hours. And not to mention our toddler only took a 45 minute nap and it was 100 degrees out. So not the best ride there, but we ended up having a blast in Minnesota and didn't want to leave! Here are the pictures from our tip:

Alex and I hanging out at Maynards on Lake Minnetonka. Great people watching! :)

Brady hanging out in his swimming pool (thanks Uncle Danny for filling it up!).

We all enjoyed watching him cool off in his pool.

Brady thrilled to be taking a picture with his grandparents!

Brian and I have been talking about getting away just the 2 of us for months now. At first, our trip was going to be to Santa Barbara or somewhere romantic, then it turned into watching the shuttle launch, then it changed to going up to Brainerd, and then it ended up being staying downtown for a night! I didn't know how hard it was going to be to leave Brady for 24+ hours but I cried like a baby saying goodbye to him! Brian and I had an amazing time and can't thank our parents enough for watching Brady and making it possible for us to have some alone time! :)

The Crowne Plaza where we stayed downtown

We went to a noon Twins game against the Rays. It was super hot and sunny and not the best game ever, but we had fun!

No foul balls for us, but good views!

Brian and I after the game. I look HORRIBLE in hats but learned my lesson last time after a burnt scalp!

Brian's sister and her friend were at the game too so we met up with them afterwards.

After the game we showered and went to the W Hotel for drinks. This bar was on the 27th floor of the Foshay tower called Prohibition.

Nothing like an $8 beer! :)

The view

The very cool W Hotel lobby

We went to Hell's Kitchen for dinner

And the Melting Pot for dessert...yum!!

And then we stalked the Channel 4 news! :)

The Foshay tower. The area that sticks out is the 27th floor where we had drinks earlier in the night.

Downtown is so pretty at night!

We went to Eagan's FunFest for the 4th weekend. I got my corn on the cob. Brian thought it was hilarious that the mini corn dogs look like ears in the background.

Brian and I on the 4th

Our family on the 4th

Watching fireworks on our friend's lake

Danny, Dana, Nana, and Papa watching fireworks

Brian and I at fireworks..Brady was fast asleep at this point with Grandma and Grandpa.

I love summer! :)

Silly little man so tired that he's actually snuggling with mommy!

Alex and I at Psycho Suzi's for dinner

Alex, Sharday, Laura, and I at Psycho Suzis. And no we did not plan to all wear white shirts, but thought it was hilarious that we all did!!


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