Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Real Brady of Papillion

Don't worry everyone, I'm still here! Mom changed the password on the computer, but I figured it out. Brady is awesome is not a secure password Mom, geez! So Dad's been home for awhile now and that's been cool. Here's what we've been up to and the recent ways I've been tortured.

Dad tried to drown me...

Thank God I'm a good swimmer! I mean can you believe these people?

Then he was like just jump in Brady, I'll catch you...I swear..I only did it cuz there were hot babes watching.

Best part of Dad coming home...

Welcome home cake!! Yesss!!

Dad taught me to throw a ball

And how to be caught in the air..(shh, don't tell anyone but I'm pretty happy he's home).

Then we went out to catch babes at the park. Dad whispered to me.."shh Brady, don't tell anyone but while I was in the desert I picked up a few magic tricks"....

"I learned to make water go up and down...

and to make myself disappear. I will show you more later son, later." (My dad is soo cool!)

Then we went to the zoo!

These jerks were talking lots of smack to me and the monkey on my shirt.

Then these nerds came up to us with a dead skin of a bear. "Hey guys, wanna pet my bear and learn some cool facts about bears?" Umm no dude, why don't you just go hang out in your basement and watch the discovery channel while chatting online about bear skins, you weirdo!!

Peacocks are awesome!!!! I think that Grandma and Grandpa Hiscock should change their last name to Peacock...think about it guys.

Then Dad made me ride a dragon. Cool guys, yeah, real cool. Dad whispered to me, "Brady, if you ride on this dragon I will introduce you to a fat goat."

And he did. And she was fat, wowza!

"Hey, what's wrong with your friend? Why she's so huge? Did she eat one of your friends? Are you gonna look like her too? Man, I bet she poops big!"

Dad made me pet one to apologize.

Then we went to the aquarium

and my responsible dad almost let me touch a puffer fish.

but he let me eat a Happy Meal so that I wouldn't tell mom.

"Raise your hands in the air if you poop in your pants." Umm I know that there are some liars in this crowd...Judah.....Luke....Dad!

Yeah my parents slip and slide. Yeah, I should call child services for immature parents, I know.

Rascal and I are getting along great, thanks for asking.

Then one day Dad said, "Dear son, I want to pass along those magical powers to you." I thought it was weird so I tried to run away.

All of a sudden I turned into a statue at a waterpark.

And there were crazy butterflies that you could slide down.

And hot babes everywhere....Dad, I like your magical powers!

Yeah, my responsible parents brought a 14 month, let me repeat a 1 YEAR OLD on a waterslide. I know, I know, send your hate mail to them, not me!

Yeah Dad, it's cool to slip and slide....it's real cool.

Don't hate, kissing your mom is cool!

How gangsters ride carousels. Yeah!


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