Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Things I Learned in Minnesota

Yep folks, as you already read in Mom's blog (yes, this is our 4th blog of the day) we made a trip to Minnesota yet again. Here is what I learned while I was there:

1. It's very important to eat when you drink

2. Running with scissors in your hand is dangerous, but it's very important to run with a cell phone in your pants, especially when you're as in demand as I am.

3. Sometimes when you're told you're like your Uncle Danny it's a compliment...

other times not. (Thanks a lot, jerk!)

4. Hawaiian shirts are a must have in any man's wardrobe.

5. Watermelon is awesome. Just pure awesome.

6. When 3 guys get together with Lego Duplos, you can create great things.

7. Sometimes your family will embarrass you. Thanks dad, thanks.

8. Looking for hot girls in people's windows is a great 4th of July activity.

9. Stealing your uncle's girlfriend is easy (well I guess easy because of the way I look).

10. When daddy says we're going to the carnival for you, he really means himself.

11. You fit in better if you show your belly while playing carnival games.

12. Fishing is pretty awesome.....

you get a ball!

13. Sometimes you end up the butt of everyone's joke...please, like I need a kiss me sign to get kisses?

14. There's no better drinking partner than your Grandpa. Cheers, grandpa!

15. My parents want me to puke....

and they love rides.

16. Trains in real life are not like Thomas the train at all

17. And my parents can't tell when I'm having a good time

18. Riding mini trucks is considered fun?

No really, these people don't get it

I don't find this fun.

19. There are stores in this giant mall dedicated only to cheese...me likey!

20. Just because it's Toddler Tuesdays at the Mall of America, that doesn't mean toddlers get to rule the mall. (It would be so much better though.)

21. Minnehaha Park is scary....

it looks fun at first.....

but it's scary!

No way in hell am I going to practice swimming there!

22. They have odd lifeguards in Minnesota

Here's my ride..a little much for a 14 month old, don't you think?

Yeah, another ride. Gotta love my life!



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