Monday, January 31, 2011

A Brady/Rascal Day

This is my brother, Rascal. He is one cool guy.

Yesterday, I was like, "Hey Rascal, wanna hang out with me today?"

He said sure, so we started out doing some line dancing.

That guy has some great moves.

Then we decided to play football. Of course he wanted to be the quarterback, so I decided to be the center.

Yo dude, when I spike you the ball, you throw it to Dad, it's not that hard!!

I spiked it too hard. :(

I had to pose with his ball. 1.Because I look so good with it. 2. Because nothing makes Rascal more energetic than when I have his ball!

Then we decided to play baseball. I had to take off my clothes because I'm only good at sports in my diaper. I misunderstood the rules, I didn't know that you hit the ball and then ran. I thought you just held the bat, put it down and then ran.

This ones going out of the park!

Then we decided to play basketball. Man that guy has reflexes like no other! I could never get a rebound.

I did dunk it once or twice though.

A video of us playing catch.
All in all, a good day with my best friend.


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