Sunday, February 6, 2011

What a difference a year makes....

A few nights ago as I was up with Brady (teething) trying to get him to fall back asleep, I was thinking to myself that a year ago yesterday our life was way different.

A Year Ago:

*We were just getting ready to leave Mississippi (aka the land with the mildest winter!) for Nebraska (typical Midwest snowy, cold winter)

*I was 30 some weeks pregnant

*Rascal was an only child

*Brian was a new pilot


*We have an amazing active 9 month old. He is pulling up on everything, crawling around like crazy, (mostly to bug Rascal) and gets in to everything he can get his hands on. He can say Mama, Dada, good job, and gay (he says that whenever Rascal is around, which I think is his way of saying doggy, we hope). He also has 2 teeth now that are almost all of the way through (which has been a nightmare and a half!) I think we will wait some time before baby #2!

*We own our own home in Nebraska which we love. We love having visitors (come visit me March-June!) and entertaining our friends. I'm very fed up with the snow and the cold weather (staying inside day after day with a teething, crabby boy is just about as enjoyable as my root canal was) and am very ready for spring!!

*Rascal is annoyed daily by his little brother, but enjoys that Brady is now learning to throw his ball!

*Brian's an official co-pilot of the RC-135 and is getting ready for his first deployment. :( I can't really say too much about it (where he is and what he's doing) but just know that he's leaving sometime in March and will be back sometime in June. Keep him in your prayers (and us too!) as this 1st deployment for us is going to be hard. Brady and I plan on coming to Minnesota a few times while he's gone and will be having a 1st Birthday Party for Brady in April there as well!

Hope everyone has a fun and safe Superbowl Sunday! We won't be buying a new house today, as we did last year, but we'll be watching the Superbowl with some friends at our house. We're also going to Colorado for a mini vacation this week to enjoy some family time!! I promise lots of pictures my next post!


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