Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Life of A Crawling Man

This crawling thing is AWESOME!! I love it. I'm able to get wherever I want, I can play with whatever toy I want, I can make my parents follow me wherever I want, and I can annoy Rascal whenever I want! Also it snowed here!

Rascal and I watching the neighbor snowblow

Why is he so horrible at it??!

Just hanging out with my buddy Rascal talking trash about the neighbors

Snowsuit=baby straitjacket

Showing the neighbors a thing or two about how a real man snowblows. Sheesh!

Cool!....snow sucks

There's just something about a good crawl that just makes me crazy inside! See?

Mama, I come get you!! Feed me.....and change my diaper. All that smiling made me poop.

Don't judge me. My bottle leaked and mom (of course) neglected to clean it up. I will let none go to waste.

Oh crap, that wasn't formula....that was beer! :(

Yeah I can stand at the recliner by myself. Think that's a big deal? I can also leave the biggest drool stain known to man on a recliner.

Mom thinks it's soo cute to take pictures of me crawling. Really mom? Do I take pictures of you doing the dishes, cleaning, and cooking? I'm just doing my job as a baby, get over it.

There's just something about a recliner that puts a man to sleep

Ha, yeah right mom I wouldn't be caught dead doing the laundry, I was just checking for drops of formula.

Oh, did I tell you this one? Mom and Dad decided to put me in jail! Why you might ask?

Hahahahahaha, I will never tell.....

Oh, by the way this is Rascal. He just got a haircut and his 5th Birthday is on Sunday. Send him a gift, card, or a shout out.

Just me crawling like a gangster.


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