Friday, January 28, 2011

Rascal's 5th Birthday and some other fun crap

Gosh, will I never hear the end of it? Mom never approves of my titles for my blogs, but you know what, I think crap is an extremely appropriate word for a 9 month old, especially one that is getting two (yes, 2!!!) teeth in at the same time. Seriously, cut me some slack lady! Here are some recent pictures. Ladies with a weak heart please be warned, I am looking pretty good in these pictures so take caution.

So this is my new favorite thing to do, it's called pulling up. Crawling is old news now, standing is where it's at!! My most favorite thing to do though is to pull myself up, and then let go and most of the time someone catches me, but it's fun to see how loud I can cry if someone doesn't! It's probably the best game invented. Ever.

I hate teething and I hate this outfit.

So I may or may not have stuffed all of Rascal's dog food in my cheeks. You be the judge.

Alright, party time!! I have decided that now that I am 9 months old, it's more appropriate for me to wear jeans and no shirt rather than be completely naked. (Sorry ladies)

You know people have asked me, "Brady, is it hard being so cute?" And the answer is yes. I think that Brad Pitt and I have more in common than most would think. I mean I have not fathered multiple children (that I know of) and married a weird lady with big lips (I don't think that the christening gown section of Babies R Us counts) but lots of people think I'm cute. Did I lose you? Sometimes people compare me with Baby Einstein...oh forget it.

This is the birthday boy, Rascal. Looks good for 5, huh?

Yep, Rascal got a cake. Has my mom lost it for good?

And my dad too?

The cake before Rascal and I got ahold of it......

........ And the cake after

Finger lickin good. And no people, those are not my fingers. They're my mom's short sausage fingers. I already cleanly licked my fingers off people, sheesh!

Oh then my parents thought it would be a good idea to try bananas again. Yay.

Yep, they are still the worst thing ever invented.

Ok I lied, if I'm doing woman's work like dishes, then I take my clothes off. That's how Daddy says girl chores should be done. (Mom note: Honestly, I don't know where he's getting this from. We have never said that nor done that, I apologize to those he has offended.)

Just take a second to take this all in.

I know your hearts are probably racing girls, just take some slow, deep breaths.

I got put in jail again....this time for looking too good.

Dad and Rascal too.
I've got to go now. Mom says we have to go bring Rascal's poop in to the vet. I plan on giving them a sample of mine as well.


Oh wait, here's a video of Rascal opening his presents with my help. Mom thought it was cute.


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