Monday, January 10, 2011

Some Nana and Papa Time

Ugh, mom changed my title. It was something to describe the last week I had, but since it was so inappropriate, mom changed it. Don't believe me? Well let me tell you the week I had last week.

Soo last Monday morning I wake up and can barely open my eyes. All I can see is this yellowish crust crap. So I think to myself, "Brady, have you hit the jackpot, have you turned your eyes into formula machines?" I didn't get a chance to try eating it, because my mom came into my room, swooped me out of my crib, took one look at me, and off we were to the doctor. They called it pink eye. I called it pure torture. Not only was it not formula, but my eyes hurt like hell and my parents kept holding me down putting these drops into my eyes. PURE TORTURE!!!

So then on Tuesday, I'm starting to feel a little more like myself. I have myself a bottle, and put myself to bed. I woke up in the middle of the night and I was able to bark like a seal!! So I think to myself, "Brady, how awesome is this? You have a new noise to use, sickk!!!" Then my mom ran into the room, picked me up, and was all worried saying cough it out buddy, you're going to be ok. Um, duh mom, of course I'm going to be ok! Well she made me sleep in the swing the rest of the night (pure nausea) and in the morning what my mom calls a cough was much better. However, this "cough" thing wasn't so cool. I would do it, and then get this taste in my mouth, let me can I describe it to you? Have you ever tasted breastmilk from a mom that drank Diet Coke....or how about formula that's been mixed for over 2 hours? Yeah, it tasted like that and with all of that, I was still getting my nose suctioned out for boogies. I think my mom enjoys it too. But however, that night I figured out this fantastic thing called crawling!! It is so freakin awesome, I can get into so much now! I love the look on my mom's face when I crawled by my Rascal, he threw up, and I played with it! So worth the nose suctioning!!! Oh and also, my Nana and Papa came to visit, we made beer, they went to that beer factory, and I pooped a lot. Here are some recent pictures:

This is a throwback picture to that year 2010. It was December, 60 degrees out, and we went for a walk. It was great, besides the hat.

This is an awesome toy I got from my godmother. I can stand up and call my chicks from my land line, check my emails on my laptop, read a story, and make sick beats on my piano.

Yeah this was the day from hell. This is the pink eye day. Let me tell you, I look about 20x better than I feel. Enough said. Girlfriends, don't judge me. I did not rub my dirty diaper in my eyes, I merely hung out with my sick grandma who dropped pink eye fairy dust onto me. Thanks grandma.

Hey ladies. I got this new duck tubby and I got some cool new bath toys. Anyone care to join me?

I may or may not have just pooped in my new tub. Crap!

Rascal came to join me though. That guy, he's hilarious!

Thank God Nana, Papa, and Dad went to the brewery without me this time! I just couldn't stand going there again and taking those peoples dirty looks and their mean comments.

Yes I can stand while pooping. Jealous??

Nana, I think it was a good one!!

I don't care if there's glass in between us or not. PUT THE FOOD IN MY MOUTH!

We decided then after all the fun standing time to go out to eat to the Nebraska Brewing Company. See a theme to this weekend? Sheesh!! I'm pretty pumped cuz now I get to sit at the table like a big boy, have big boy conversations, and eat big boy foods!

Ummm yes waiter, I would like the formula special of the day. That's Similac based, correct? Ok yes, then I will have that.

We waited and waited and finally the food came. My mom's so annoying taking pictures of us eating!!! Ugh!

Cool mom, yeah let's stand by the beer barrels. Like we haven't taken a picture like this before. I don't get why you think it's ok for a baby to be around so much beer. It boggles my mind!

Oh cool, yeah let's all take our picture by the barrels. I was ok with this until the manager who was taking our picture commented on my chubby cheeks. Look hombre, I may have chubby cheeks, but my chubby cheeks paid for your volvo out there, buddy! Get lost or we will have a problemo! See, I told you I was crabby lately.

Then when we got back to the house Papa let me take my clothes off so I could cool down and we could have a manly discussion. Guess what came up first? Beer! (Great!) SO I told them what I thought about beer and really tried to get them to see how much better formula really is.
I thought they took it well, Papa said Brady, let's pose for a picture together. And I said sure! Maybe I turned them over to the formula side for good!

And then Papa turned me upside down and said, don't you ever say anything bad about beer ever again.

So I pretended to be ok with it, and helped them stir their beer.

It was Mom's turn to stir and peekaboo, there's Brady!!


Then I got a ride on Mack. Papa told me that's what we have dogs for, to get around the house.

Rascal! Rascallll!!! I need a ride to bed please.

Bubbles are cool. 'Nough said!


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