Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Blessed Holiday

I'm a little behind on the Thanksgiving recap but figured I'd share anyway!

 This was the first year in 5 years that the kids and I didn't go home for Thanksgiving. It felt a little weird and was harder than I expected it to be. I think I wasn't super pumped for Thanksgiving for that main reason. It's hard for it to feel like Thanksgiving when you're not with your family. But we vowed to make the best of it anyway.
Thursday morning it was such a beautiful day. We didn't have to be bundled up! Our neighborhood had a football game that morning. That's my handsome hubby punting the ball. Brady was out there too. He was VERY serious about the game, haha!

We had fun cheering the "north side" on. Brady had to take a goldfish, water, and selfie break. 

That's Brady in the white next to Brian in the white. Fun morning and fun tradition!

And what am I most thankful for this Thanksgiving? That next year I will no longer have a 2 year old. Just joking. Well, mostly. This girl cried for a good 40 minutes about the shirt I put her in. 

For Thanksgiving we went to our dear friend's house. They just had a sweet little girl and they're our absolute best friends here. Brian and Shane went to the Academy together, they were in each other's wedding, and we're so blessed to be stationed here together. And our kids adore each other too.

The kids table!

And our family. Brian was gone last Thanksgiving so I feel so incredibly blessed to have him home. Holidays take on a new meaning for me and I know just how special it is to be together. 

And you better believe I got in a bunch of snuggling time with this little one. I swear she only cried for a second too, the second Brian snapped the picture!

Thursday night and Friday morning I got my shop on. I didn't get all of my shopping done but I got a good dent in it!

Brian and Brady went to the Air Force football game Friday afternoon. It was Brady's first college game and he LOVED it! He even caught a t-shirt from the cheerleaders so he thought that was pretty awesome. I'm so glad the boys got to have some bonding time together.

The rest of the weekend we shopped, watched football, went to a tree lighting, and spent time as a family. We are so blessed to be healthy, live in a beautiful state, have a steady income, have wonderful family and friends, and a loving home. 


Jen said...

I love these photos!!!

Jenny @ Creatively Blooming said...

I love that Brady was out there playing football with the "big boys!" So cute! I'm glad that y'all had a good Thanksgiving even though you didn't go back home.

Shannon said...

SO glad you guys were all together for Turkey day! :)

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