Friday, December 19, 2014

Giving Back

The other day we went out to lunch as a family. Brian met us from work and we went to PF Chang's. Lunch didn't disappoint; we had a great time together, the kids behaved, and it was delicious. We were getting ready to pack up and go when a waiter stopped by and told us not to leave. We were really confused...where there a problem with our card? Did we do something wrong? We sat for a little while when our waitress stoppped by with this:

A HUGE piece of (delicious) chocolate cake. The waitress said that a man in the restaurant saw us together, saw Brian in uniform, and wanted to buy this as a small token of thanks for serving our country. Tears instantly sprang into my eyes. What a wonderful gesture for something we felt we didn't deserve! I don't know who that man was but he absolutely made our day. If I could have thanked him in person I would have say this: "Thank you. From the bottom of my heart. We don't live this military life for the recognition of it but thank you. This life isn't always easy and for someone to recognize that and to thank us for it, it means the world. We are so thankful we live in a country and time that supports their military and we wouldn't change a thing about our life." We have never had anything like that happen to us and never expected it in Colorado Springs, where seeing someone in uniform is very common. 

So to tie in to giving back, I'd like you about what Mrs. Fields is doing right now for our military.

"As we look forward to holiday celebrations this December, Mrs. Fields is also looking abroad to the men and women in uniform who are away from loved ones this season. As a Proud Supporter of the USO we're helping these deployed troops savor more moments that matter by donating one Mrs. Fields cookie for every tweet that mentions our special @cookiemoment handle. The perfect stocking stuffer, our indvidually wrapped cookies will be sent via USO2GO kits to troops stationed in the most remote and restricted locations."

Mrs. Fields sent us this adorable care package of cookies for Santa. The kids will be beyond excited to set this up  Christmas Eve night!

Brian has been deployed several times over the holidays and I know little things like even cookies are really moral boosters for them out there while they're away for their family.  

So if you have Twitter, will you do me a favor and tweet with the handle @cookiemoment for me please?  Let's make sure the troops feel our love this holiday season! :)


Jen said...

I need PF Changs in my life haha.

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