Monday, December 15, 2014

Hi! Remember Me?

Ummm hi. It's been almost 2 weeks since I've blogged. Sigh. And I really have no extraordinary excuse. Mainly it's because I rarely sit down at the computer anymore and also, 'tis the season to be busy. But I have a ton to share with you all! Here's what we've been up to:

1. Group  Children's Christmas Party

All of the flying squadrons at the Academy are in the same "group" so the group threw a huge children's Christmas party. And we were told that if the weather was alright, that Santa and his elves would jump out of an airplane. 
Luckily, the weather was perfect and the performance did not disappoint. The elves have green parachutes.

And then we saw the red and knew Santa, he was a comin'.


"NOOO! Not Santa! I don't wanna see Santa!"

Naturally his elves helped him with his parachute.

Brady and not Layla waiting to see Santa. Layla, she was inside the building, far, far away.

Brady and our friend's daughter with Santa. Almost could pass for Layla, haha!

Inside we played games,

and ate snacks (to Layla's delight).

And then it was time to see the big man and tell him exactly what he wants (a Thomas King of the Railway set).

One of the cheesiest cheese faces but oh well, at least he has no problem with the big man! Layla, took 1 look, said "No, no, no nooo" And ran out the room.  So Brady, being the brave big brother, grabbed the books from them. And told Santa that she wants princesses.

He looks a little TOO happy to be in a cop car!

 2. Base Chapel Tree Lighting

We met Brian after work one night to go watch the tree lighting. We thought that's all there was but oh, no.
There was lighted hayrides. I swear this girl is excited for Christmas. 

There was also crafts, a church service, free dinner and cookies.

And the tree and menorah lighting. The menorah almost blew up and sadly, I did not get a picture of it.

Brady talked to Santa. And I planned horribly with him wearing an orange shirt and these iPhone pictures. I thought it was just a tree lighting!

And Layla stayed as far away as possible while still getting a candy cane. 

 3. doTERRA!  I've been really busy teaching classes and doing craft fairs.

This was one of the most unique craft fairs we did. Buddy the Elf was there! 

4. Christmas Shopping

This is the first year we've had to ship a lot of gifts so I've been hurriedly trying to get all of my shopping done. I just love the Castle Rock Outlet Mall and the kids actually behaved and I was able to almost finish it all.

 5. Christmas Cards

So I just love this time of year and absolutely love getting Christmas cards in the mail everyday. I had our cards done before Thanksgiving but sadly didn't realize what I ordered until they came the day after Thanksgiving.
Wishing You A MARRIED Christmas. WHAT?!?! I thought it was a typo, but no that was the template I chose and didn't read closely enough. Brian didn't catch it either. But VistaPrint is amazing, changed it for us no problem, and sent us 100 new ones for FREE. Definitely would use them again! And if you want to get wished a married Christmas, I have 99 of them (one we sent out as a joke, and they didn't even realize that's what it said).

6. Breakfast with Santa

The base (they've been awesome for Christmas events this year!) hosted Breakfast with Santa this past Saturday and it was completely free.

There were balloon animals (and my awesome photography skills)

Ummm lady, I asked for a teddy bear, and that is certainly not a teddy bear.

There were reindeer we got to see.

That pretty much pooped the entire time we were there.

A sleigh we got to ride in

Tons of crafts (including a birdhouse from Home Depot) that I didn't picture

And a 45 minute line to see Santa in which Layla screamed louder than any of the babies around when it was our turn. Think we would get the hint, huh? I think we're a little desperate for a sibling Santa picture. Brady's getting really good at this whole Santa thing. And probably knows for sure he's getting the Thomas set since he's told Santa 4 times now. Oooh maybe we can go to Bass Pro Shop for Santa #5?!

And to close out this loooong blog post, my beautiful photography skills from breakfast. I'm available if anyone needs pictures taken. 


Jen said...

You can never go wrong with people parachuting into an event. :)

Janelle Vannice said...

1) I miss the Academy's surroundings SO much.... your pictures are beautiful, and I want to move back there. Now.

2) Hahaha! Your cards. I'm so glad they let you switch them out! :) Ours actually DO say married, but that was on purpose since we just got married this year! :-P

Shannon said...

You've been busy! 1) that's quite the Santa entrance
2) thanks for mentioning snacks!
3) I noticed the married before reading your post about it. HILARIOUS
4) Happy holidays, friend!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness - I giggled at Married Christmas. It might actually be cute for a couple who were just married that year for their first Christmas card though! I'm glad that Vista Print was so accommodating. Good customer service is hard to find these days!


Becky Dougherty said...

You're right! It's such a busy season with so much to do and see! :) It looks like you're all having fun!

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