Monday, November 24, 2014

Some Exciting Things

This weekend we once again had very little on the docket, yet we still made it decently exciting.  Ok exciting is a bit of an exaggeration but oh well.
1. On Friday, the weather was nice! I mean it was only like 58 degrees but the sun is warm here! And after weeks of really cold weather, 58 degrees felt like summer. So off to the park we went. We were outside pretty much all day and it was glorious.

2. Our cars became Colorado residents. We've rocked our Nebraska plates for 5 months here but now our cars can feel like they fit in. And now we can struggle to find our vehicles in parking lots. It's not necessary for military members to change their plates everywhere they go but for us, it's kinda fun.  Our tags were about to expire on both cars so we decided to just get Colorado plates. We have quite the collection going so far: Minnesota, Mississippi, Nebraska, and now we'll have Colorado plates. Oh and the Minnesota Gophers beat the Nebraska Cornhuskers!!! That was added excitement to that day!

3. The kids got their first taste of The Cheesecake Factory. And now Brady wants to go back weekly. I feel ya bud, I feel ya. I had a giftcard for my birthday to use so we made a trip to Denver for dinner and CHEESECAKE (duh). This was the toasted marshmallow s'mores cheesecake and it was AHH-MAZING. My mouth is drooling just thinking about it. Brian dislikes very few things but cheesecake is one of them. More for us!

4. We went to Santa Land. We were at the mall and there was the tiniest line for Santa. Possibly because it's not even Thanksgiving yet? Entirely possible. I remember last year it being over an hour wait for every Santa we encountered so we just went for it. 

Brady did awesome. He had a long convo with Santa about wanting Thomas trains and being a good boy.  Layla, terrified of Santa but was willing to sit on this bench to smile for a picture but once the flashes were finished screamed, "GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!"  She did, however, as we were leaving, say "SANTA! SANTA! I WANT PRINCESSES!" We have a breakfast with Santa coming up in December on base and we're hoping Layla will sit on his lap for a cute picture. We'll see.

No fears sitting with a reindeer on a bench though! No fears!

5. It snowed. Again. Remember that beautiful weather on Friday? Yeah well out of nowhere today, it snowed. This Colorado weather, it's odd.

6. We put up our Christmas trees. Yeah, so that snow and Santa visit? Totally got us into the Christmas mood. And believe you me, we are not just bypassing Thanksgiving. I adore Thanksgiving in all of it's yummy goodness and we will be celebrating with gusto on Thursday but there's just something soothing about Christmas trees and lights.  And we were motivated to do it today so we just went with it. 


Shannon said...

Your house looks awesome in that last photo. And yay to cheesecake factory (even if I don't like cheesecake). Their menu is amazing!

Jen said...

I am so jealous of cheesecake factory!!! I miss it!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

We are putting up our tree Friday and i can't wait. The weather has been crazy here too- it was 72 today and supposed to snow Wednesday!

Jamie said...

Cheesecake Factory is the best!

Becky Dougherty said...

Sometimes, you just gotta decorate when the mood strikes! :)

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