Thursday, November 13, 2014

Stuff and Things 11/13

So I'm not quite sure how it's already Thursday. This 'ol blog has really gotten the short stick lately. Since it's Thursday and I have a ton of random things to share, thought I'd participate in this fun Stuff and Things link up. So here goes nothin'!

1. We had a pretty low key weekend and it was much needed. I worked at a craft fair all day Saturday and on Sunday we went on a family hike to the Palmer Lake Trail Loop. I saw the upcoming forecast and knew that if we wanted to do another family hike anytime in the near future, this was probably the day to do it. The kids usually really enjoy hiking and it's a great way for us all to exercise, spend time together, and see Colorado. So we went for it. Never mind the fact that the kids got 7 hours of sleep the night before (I heard them playing ring around the rosy in the hallway at 12 am, what are you doing?!?!). Soo they pretty much  whined and complained almost the entire hike and needed to eat every 20 minutes/climb on a rock/stare at a tree but we did it and it was memorable! And note to self, try and skip the "somewhat steep hikes" because they're probably writing this after living in Colorado for awhile and if steep is mentioned in the description, it's probably pretty steep.

2. I've been really busy selling doTERRA's essential oils. It's been fun teaching classes, working one on one with people, and working at craft fairs sharing information. As I said before, I have always shied away big time from direct sales, but essential oils actually help and are a great all natural aid. I have so many personal stories of how they've helped prevent colds or lessen the severity of them, helped with behavior issues for the kids, helped with pain, taken away stomachaches, helped with headaches, helped with sleep issues, and I could go on and on forever. I'll be writing in the next few weeks some posts on how I use them and what they're all about. But you should really try them. 

3. The weather here has been NUTSO! Monday it was 65 and sunny so we took a trip to a new park because I knew what kind of weather was coming. Within an hour that day it cooled down by 45 degrees, the winds got crazy high (we lost our grill cover and our garbage can flew all the way down the street kind of crazy winds), and it snowed.

And then this was the lovely weather this morning. I mean I know cold growing up in Minnesota but what is this?! It's November!!  I had heard the winters aren't horrible in Colorado..umm I'm not getting the best first impression!

4. We spent Veteran's Day the best way: together. It was just so nice to actually have him home this year. Brady had preschool that morning and although the weather was frigid and snowy we trekked out to enjoy a meal together at California Pizza Kitchen. 

Thumbs up all around!

5. We've been stuck inside a lot lately. Today was a snow day for Brady because of the cold temperatures so we had another day at home. We bundled up and ventured out to Target because the fridge was getting a little bare. But otherwise we've been staying in our pjs, doing crafts, playing, watching movies...

and working on our Christmas lists. Because it's such a hard decision when you're many princess toys, so little time to circle them all.


Joey said...

Aw your veterans day sounds like it was so nice! Thank your husband for his service for me!! And dude--our weather hasn't been THAT cold, but it has been whacky with warm weather one minute then freezing (to this southerner) the next!

Jen said...

You have been a busy lady for sure!! I feel like this week has flown by, it's crazy.

Kristin said...

Yes: the weather here is getting on my nerves! Where's CPK at? I haven't seen one.

Shannon said...

The weather this time of year here (Buffalo, NY) is exactly the same. So hard to predict and dress for!

That pizza kitchen looked delicious. Probably because I"m a half hour away from lunch and I'm starving !

Jenny @ Creatively Blooming said...

I made the mistake of taking Charlotte to Target with me the other day. Of course she wants EVERYTHING on the princess aisle!

Becky Dougherty said...

I love that picture of Layla working on her Christmas list! Funny! :) Weather's been weird here, too. I'm over it already. Lol

Laura Darling said...

Wow that is COLD!!! It's in the 20s here and I'm complaining, but it could be worse!! I am already ready for springtime! :)

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