Friday, November 7, 2014

The End of Visitor Season

Welp, it looks like visitor season has come to an end here. We had visitors many weekends in July, August, September, and October and our last visitor for awhile was here this past weekend: Brian's parents from Minnesota.  We do have visitors coming for Christmas (my parents) but that's not for 7 weeks.
Thursday night after naptimes we went to our favorite restaurant and the kids were so, so happy their Nana and Papa were in town!

Friday (Halloween) morning was FREEZING. I know I touched on it in my Halloween post, but here's a couple more pictures from the pumpkin patch.

Saturday morning we were all pretty exhausted and just hung around the house.

Saturday afternoon Brian and his parents went to the All Colorado Beer Festival.  To say they tried a couple of beers would be a great understatement. Needless to say they came home pretty silly and it was a very early night for them! Thank goodness Nana went with and babysat them! ;)

Sunday morning we decided it was time for a hike! So why not just climb a mountain?

There were so many sheer drop-offs I was on the verge of a panic attack. Which everyone loved to tease me by hanging by the edge.

It was a beautiful hike though with so many wonderful views.


We made a little pit stop where Layla announced she was hungry (shocker) and Brady announced he had to poop. Oh joy. So Papa and Brian took him up this steep hill to take a dump. All of a sudden we hear this scream, hear laughter, and then silence.  Finally they made their way back down and Brady has 1 shoe.  Apparently they had Brady poop over the side of the mountain but not only did his poop go tumbling down the side, but so did his shoe and Papa's water bottle. After bringing Brady down to safety Papa climbed the steep side of the mountain to grab Brady's shoe.  Thank goodness I didn't see how steep that way because I would have for sure been an anxious mess.

Layla taking a snack break while Brady took a poop break. 

We got the shoe and then tried to make it to the top.

Things got real steep.

And Layla got real hungry again.

This is me TERRIFIED!  I wanted to crawl I was so scared of how high up we were and how far you could fall down. I think having the kids with made it that much worse. As you can see no one else thought it was a big deal. I'm happy to take the wimp title of the group. We decided to let the boys go ahead.

You could see Seven Falls down there.

The view from the top was pretty great, I'll take their word for it.

"You can see for miles and miles and miles. I see my house!"

We finally met back up together and a nice hiking couple took our pictures.

Yep it was starting to be meltdown time!

After all of our hard work we headed to Old Colorado City for some yummy lunch at Bon Ton's.

And we definitely deserved ice cream too so there was a stop there.

Later that night Brian and I snuck out for a little date night. We're classy: beer and wings.

Monday we kept it pretty low key. It started to snow so we had to go outside and eat the falling snow with our tongues. Later after Brian got home we headed up to Denver to take them to the airport. It was another wonderful visit!  I'm just thankful we didn't lose anyone off the mountain!

We're going to have our first pretty low-key weekend in a long while.  I'm working a craft fair all day tomorrow and we may do one more family hike before the weather turns frigid next week. Have a great weekend everyone! :)


Jen said...

Haha the pooping story has me cracking up!!

Janelle Vannice said...

Hahahaha! I am laughing about Brady's shoe - too funny!

Becky Dougherty said...

LOL I'm quite sure it was a good thing you didn't see all of this going on during the poop story! HAHAHA

Shannon said...

You guys are sure busy bees. And that pooping story is hilarious.

Jamie said...

It's always nice to have a low key weekend after a crazy couple weeks!

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