Tuesday, September 9, 2014

We Closed Down Chick-Fil-A

Well folks, my blogging/Facebook jinx is still in full effect. 

Let me back track a little.  Layla has been going on the potty since she was 16 months old. Which blew my mind because we couldn't get Brady to sit, seriously even SIT never mind go to the bathroom on the potty until he was 3.  Layla though, she gladly used the potty. When she was about 18 months old she refused to poop in her pants and maybe has pooped in them once or twice since then?
I thought I was going to be potty training them at the same time.

We had a ton happen in the last 6 months between deployments, moving a couple of times, and traveling so I kind of put it off. I knew she was ready but for some reason I just put it off. Diapers are just so easy. Potty training a girl scared me because it's a ton harder to pee on a tree at a park with no bathroom when you're a girl. A boy? No problem.

I noticed a couple of weeks ago that Layla was continuously dry and that she was asking to use the potty more and more. So finally I bit the bullet and bought her some princess and some "Let It Go" (Frozen) underwear and she took off. We would stay home and she'd use the potty. We were able to go places and she would stay dry. She's still deathly afraid of public bathrooms though so I'd lug the princess potty in the back of the car (don't even get me started on that). But it was working. We were on day 5 and no issues. And I was amazed that she had ZERO accidents. Could it be this easy?! So I dared to post this on day 6.

And literally 2, TWO hours after I posted this she had an accident. In the worst possible place. The Chick-Fil-A playground. Oh my gosh we were those parents with that kid. The night my mom and I went out Brian and my Dad took the kids to Chick-Fil-A for dinner. I got a text from my dad saying "Home. Layla had an accident. She shut down the playland at Chick-Fil-A." I thought he was just messing with me, but no. Oh, no. Damn you posting jinx!!! 

They ate dinner no problems, played for a little while, no issues. All of a sudden they heard a scream and another parent said, "Ummm I think she peed." I guess the workers were really nice about it saying it happens all the time. The kids in there were horrified that they would even think to close it. Brian said he heard one kid say, "I bet we have to leave because there's blood." I'm just glad I wasn't there. I would have died of embarrassment. 

But I'm happy to report besides the little mishap in probably the worst possible place Layla has had 0 accidents since then. Oh gosh, did I just post that? I'm putting her in diapers tomorrow, just in case.


Julie Danielle said...

Oh I feel your pain. My oldest had an accident there when he was 4. I broke down in the bathroom because I was just so worried he would never get it.

Yay for no accidents and a diaper free home! We just got there too :)

Traci@TheHallway said...

HAHAHA!! Ohhhh the posting jinx!! But yay for her doing so well!! Charli totally 100% gets that she is SUPPOSED to go potty on the potty... I hear "Mommy pee pee on potty" or "Mommy, poo poo on potty". So i take her, she sits, then screams, and cries, and wants nothing to do with it. As soon as I put her diaper on, yep you guessed it, goes.... UGH!!!!!! We even have big girl panties and homegirl could CARE LESS about sitting in her own urine... I mean seriously... Oh well. She will get there sooner or later!

Alejandra said...

OH MY! I would have been glad not to be there too! I hope you guys can continue on accident free! We're having a hard time and I'm not brave enough to go out without diapers yet.

Jen said...

Oh man!!!! Here is to being accident free!

Shannon said...

Oh man. Well, let's just say she went out with a bang!!!

Taylor has been diaper free for a very long time with zero accidents but once just a month ago, she peed right in the middle of preschool. She cried and cried and talked about it for days, but it happens.

I totally get it though - I've come close to peeing my pants many times in my 34 years of life. :)

Jenn said...

This is so so funny! And hey, if it had to happen, at least it happened on Brian's watch. ;) I am so impressed that she's already potty train/ed/ing. Molly is still completely uninterested.

The Chick Nest said...

YOU CRACK ME UP!!!! Oh Layla Bean! What a funny story to tell her husband some day when they are potty training their own kids! ;)

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