Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Back to School!

Well it's official, school has finally started in this house!  Whoop whoop! Brady started preschool yesterday!  It's the last year before sniff, sniff we have a kindergartner.  For some reason, his school started really late. I thought after Labor Day weekend was late but he started a whole week after that.  Brady hasn't been in preschool since March and both Mommy and Brady were really ready for him to start. We've been spending a lot of time with families with kids younger than him so he was really excited to go meet some friends his age.
He picked out his own outfit and was SUPER excited. My sign didn't turn out too well but it says that when he grows up he wants to be a monkey and build tables. This kid, he's one of a kind.

Thumbs up are now a regular occurrence in pictures. He's 4 and he's way cool now.

His first day was only an hour so they could have an easier adjustment. Drop off went well. I', proud to say that I kept it together this year. Dropping him off last year was a ton harder but of course Layla made up for that with some hysterics. "My Brady! Noooo!! I need my brother!"  All of other siblings were quiet except for Miss L.  Oh these, kids, they keep it interesting.

I thought she was going to cry tears of joy when we picked him up. He had a ton of fun and was sad that it was only for an hour. He goes back tomorrow and it'll be a full day (9-1). It's the first time he's had to bring a lunch to school so hopefully all goes well!  Now I just need to get that little girl a Xanax for drop off and we should be all good.

And just for fun...

A comparison
3 Year Old Preschool
4 Year Old Preschool

He's gotten so much bigger in just a year! Tear!


Jen said...

He looks so cute! I'm glad he is enjoying it. :)

The Chick Nest said...

Happy Day! I agree, he look SO grown up! What a big boy! *tear! Looking forward to hearing how his first full day goes! My B is jealous about the lunch part. He told me he is looking forward to kindergarten so he can pick out a lunch box and eat at school. Kids are funny! :)

Hana R said...

Aww....what a big boy!!! Mine just started Kindergarten this's not as horrible as I thought it'd be (for me I mean).

Traci@TheHallway said...

So cute!! So glad he had a great first day!

Shannon said...

Oh wow - I feel like he grew up SO much from last year!! :)

Jenny @ Creatively Blooming said...

So handsome! He and Charlotte would get along well. She wants to be a dog when she grows up (when she doesn't want to be a princess).

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Look at that sweet boy! glad the transition to a new school has been good!

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