Monday, September 8, 2014

It Went Too Fast

Continuing off from my last post...

My parent's came in for Labor Day weekend and we jam packed a ton of stuff into their visit.  On Sunday we check out the Wild West Museum because my mom is basically obsessed with anyone old and western.  
The kids decided they needed to wear their hats to be "cowboys and cowgirls".  Noootttt quite sure they pulled that look off, maybe we need to visit a western store.

The place was, well, a little creepy. They could easily turn it into a haunted house at Halloween time.

Brady was pretty seen by his face here.

It was neat though to see all of the old western antiques. Colorado Springs has a ton of history and that was neat to see!

"Panning" for gold. Pretty sure it was just a mound of dirt...but don't tell the kids. They think they're rich now.

My parents and Brian headed to the ProRodeo Hall of Fame after that while I took the kids home for naps.

After naps we headed to the neighborhood pool. Sadly the pool closed Labor Day so we had to get our last good use out of it!
But of course the second we got there a random storm rolled in, the lifeguards heard thunder, so the main pool was closed for 30 minutes. But the splash pad, that was all ours.

The skies cleared up so we were all good to jump in! We basically had the pool to ourselves too which was fun! This Colorado weather, I tell ya, it's odd.

After the pool we headed to our favorite restaurant, Colorado Mountain Brewery.

And the kids settled in for a sleepover with Gramma and Grampa.

Monday morning I woke up bright and early and got Amy's Donuts.  They have the craziest kinds there, here's just a small sample.

For lunch we headed to our neighborhood's Labor Day bbq, out neighborhood, it's pretty cool.

During naptime Brian and I snuck out for a quick tennis game. He looks thrilled!

We also went for a walk to our neighborhood's waterfall

My mom and I snuck out for a little mother/daughter shopping and dinner date and we headed to the Cheyenne Mountain Resort. It was beautiful!

We also tried these Philly steak potato skins. An odd combination but they were delish!!

The next morning we headed up to Denver to bring them to the airport. We were all so, so sad to see them go but it was a wonderful visit! We can't wait for them to come back in December, although that time I'm sure we'll be knee deep in snow!


Jen said...

The time always goes by too fast. I'm glad you had a good visit though. I am with your Mom I love anything relating to the old west.

and then we laughed said...

Okay, those hats? ADORABLE!

Shannon said...

Yeah - those hats are the best. ANd did I see a pepper on one of those donuts? Uh.....not sure how I feel about that. :)

The Chick Nest said...

So many fun memories with their grandparents! LOVE their hats! ;)

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