Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Their 1st Anniversary

A year ago Brian's brother, Danny, married Dana and it was a beautiful, wonderful day.

And Brady danced his arse off.

For their first anniversary this past weekend they took a trip to see us!  I tried to make it as special as possible for them with champagne and flower petals in their room (I of course forgot to take pictures) and put a "1st Anniversary Suite" sign on their door. Because I am a nerd.
They got in really early Thursday morning so Layla got some Aunt Dana snuggles in while I brought Brady to preschool.

We went to the Air Force Academy and showed them Brian's squadron. We squeezed Uncle Danny in a glider.

Layla was that he was stuck. Well, we all kind of were.

Brady's preschool had a family picnic so we all got to join Brady at preschool. He was THRILLED to have them there!!

We went home for naps and I finished cooking some yummy pork tenderloin for dinner.

After dinner Brian had a flag football game so they went to that while I went to my Academy Spouse's Club meeting. Which included bingo. Heck ya!
Some of the ladies from the squadron are also in the club so it was fun! And we were all winners too!

After all of that excitement we hired a sitter so we could go enjoy some local breweries.

After we got home we enjoyed some 1st anniversary cake

And a very competitive game of spoons. Gosh we're exciting.  We ended up staying up until after 2 am though.

The next morning we all slept in and then we headed to Garden of the Gods. Where I took zero pictures, what?!  I wasn't feeling so hot from our previous night  Someone needed to take the kids home for naptime so I stepped up to the plate while they went on to Cave of the Winds.

That night we went to dinner at our favorite place, Colorado Mountain Brewery

And called it a night pretty early.

Saturday we headed to the Castle Rock Outlet Mall. I couldn't find Brady in the Under Armour store but that's because he was pretending to be a mannequin. He got some laughs and a whole lots of stares. This kid, he's one of a kind.

The kids each got new shoes at the Nike Outlet (Layla's are little kid Shocks!) and they both wear them the second they get out of bed until the second they turn in for the night. Who knew new shoes would be such a hit?

We ended our visit with a walk around the 16th Street Mall in downtown Denver and with dinner at Mellow Mushroom. We're so, so glad they were able to visit and can't wait to seem them again soon!  Poor Brady loves having everyone visit but gets so, so emotional when everyone leaves. Wish we didn't have to say so many goodbyes. :(  

I hope to actually blog about something other than just our weekends this week! Shocking! ;)

Have a great week!


Jen said...

I absolutely love that you did all that for them!!! :)

Julie Danielle said...

That looks like a lot of fun! Happy anniversary to them )

Shannon said...

You are the best - I bet they loved all the details. :)

Janelle Vannice said...

What a fun weekend! You'll have to go check out Cave of the Winds sometime too! AND I just love that Brady was pretending to be a mannequin. That may be the best thing ever.

Becky Dougherty said...

How nice of them to visit on their anniversary! I'm glad you all had fun! I absolutely LOVE that Brady was pretending to be a mannequin. You have the coolest kids! :)

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