Monday, April 14, 2014

Chalk, Easter Egg Hunts, Sandbars, Fireworks, and Playgrounds: Our Weekend

This weekend was pretty great. I say pretty great because it's as great as a weekend with an almost 2 year old that you can have.  I'm hoping I can blame the tantrums and the screaming on her 2 year molars coming in...but I'm not so sure!  
Friday was just awesome weather-wise. It was mid 80's with a nice cool breeze and we spent a ton of time outside. 

And we broke out the chalk and colored for at least an hour. Who knew chalk was so entertaining?

We went out for a family dinner and then went to the nearby mall to do some shopping. We passed by a Ross store (we don't have those in NE) and Brady was like, my name!! Daddy, it's our store!!  So we took a special picture by it. Not sure what that pose is all about but we'll call it "The Ross". 

Saturday morning we woke bright and early and went to the Maxwell-Gunter AFB Easter Egg Hunt.

 The eggs, they're that way.

Layla was ready!

Let's go get some Easter eggs!

Layla was in the 0-2 age group so she got to go first. 

I was amazed that I didn't have to tell her what to do, she ran right out and started picking eggs up for her basket.

Brady and Daddy cheering her on!

Checking out what was in her eggs.

Brady was SUPER excited for his turn.

There was a pretty good turnout

And he's off!

He was a pro

Look at my eggs!

While we were watching Brady, we turned around and saw this. "WHAAAT? I didn't eat anything."

She also won fairy wings which she loved as you can tell.

And then they got their face painted. Nooottt sure exactly why she just wrote letters all over Brady's face...but was free.

And Layla was a bunny? Kitty?  She sweat it off in about 5 minutes but it was cute while it lasted!

It was pretty warm that day but Brian insisted on trying out some train track pictures.

Yep, ready to go! :)

We went to lunch after that. Man, the food here, it's good.

Saturday night we went to downtown Montgomery with some friends to go check out Second Saturday.  It was basically an old train depot that had food vendors, live music, and some stuff for kids. It would have been great if there hadn't been tons of kids throwing bang snaps at the ground and at people. Yeah it was interesting and our kids were pretty much terrified. So we decided to walk to the riverfront and found this awesome sandbar instead.  

There's a huge sand pile for kids to run on, bean bag tosses, and just a huge open space for kids.  My kids were loving the sand.

And we enjoyed sipping an adult beverage while the kids ran around. Win/win! 

Brady is seriously going to love the beach. He was super into the sand! And in this picture it looks like the other kid is peeing but that's just sand trickling out of his hands. I had to look at it several times to be sure!

After that we walked around more and Brady found some kids to race. If you know Brady then you know he loves to run. After races it was just time for fireworks.

Brady loved it, Layla not so much. "MOMMY! TOO LOUD! I'm scared!!" Afterwards she kept telling us how she liked the colors but that it scared her.  I didn't mind the snuggles!

My favorite boys.

Sunday we slept in, had pancakes, and then went to a cool park in Prattville, just outside Montgomery. Thank you for the photo bomb of my picture, Brian. 

We spent 2 hours there just running around enjoying yet another beautiful day. 

It really was another great weekend! I'm missing the sunshine as it's storming out again. I think it's rained here every Monday so far?  Hope everyone has a great week! :)


Jen said...

You guys always do such fun things! The Easter Egg Hunt looks like a lot of fun. :)

Jamie said...

What a fun Easter egg hunt!

Shannon said...

We are a huge fan of chalk around here too.

Love the egg hunt pictures. B's face painting made me LOL.

Traci@TheHallway said...

Goodness... What a weekend! It sounded AWESOME!! First, Charli's 2 year molars started breaking through a few weeks ago, so we have been going through the same irritability... UGH! Praying they hurry up, but they seem to be taking a while. Second, what a fun egg hunt! I am so excited for Charli to have her first egg hunt this year! I can't wait to see what she does!! And Brady's face looked like Indian tribal paint or something! haha! Third, TOTALLY looked like the kid was peeing!! HAHA! I am dying laughing!! All in all, looks like you guys are having a blast!! Love it!

Jenn said...

How do you look so GOOD while doing all of these things in Alabama "spring" heat?? Share your secrets STAT please. Also, I can't believe Layla sat so still while they painted her face! I have a feeling that both of my kids would lose their you-know-what if someone tried to paint them. LOL And did you eat at Jim N' Nicks? (BBQ- yummy. Go there if you haven't yet.) :)

Becky Dougherty said...

I used to be terrified of fireworks, too. I'm still not a fan of super, super loud sounds, but at least she liked the colors! :) I'm pretty jealous of your weekend!

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