Monday, October 14, 2013

Weekend Recap Full of Bad iPhone Pictures...Enjoy!

Just thought I should put that disclaimer out there.  I can't seem to find my camera charger anywhere so iPhone pictures it was this weekend!  But I guess bad pictures are better than no pictures, right? Right?  This weekend we kept busy by going to a pumpkin patch/farm, going trick or treating in the forest, and visiting the local fire station's open house. Without further adieu, the pictures:
We drove out in the middle of nowhere. Like literally middle of nowhere in the middle of millions of corn fields Nebraska to this cute little farm/pumpkin patch.  I had a living social for this place and luckily Jessica and Liz trusted that I wasn't taking them out somewhere to off them.

Layla couldn't stop staring at the animals for one second to turn around for me

But Brady did!

We were at this place for probably 10 minutes when my kids pulled out this blanket and their lunch and just chowed down while everyone else enjoyed the farm.  

I got some beautiful pictures of the kids including this gem.  I guess they weren't done eating yet? My bad.

Layla seriously was in LOVE with all of the animals. She was just squealing and giggling and saying bahhhh to these sheep.

They had this cool hay/slide thing that Brady probably did a minimum of 100 times

So fun!

Layla fed some cows...while giggling and saying "DOGGIES!!""

We then went on a tractor ride to pick some more pumpkins.

She got tired of walking so she just plopped herself down on the nearest pumpkin.

Got a problem, MOM?

On the tractor ride with their pumpkins

Petting a bunny. Highlight 10004xx of Layla's day

Brady saw this machine and knew exactly what to do...and in this moment I realized omg my son really is a Nebraska Cornhusker.

Wheelbarrow time!  

Then we took a little walk on a trail clearly not meant for strollers but the kids had fun!

Children of the corn

And then we found some horses. Which we probably spent about 20 minutes looking at.

"Neeeeiggghhh!!" Giggle giggle. This child is going to be a vet. I said it here first!

Such a fun place!

We were at the farm for probably 4 hours when I remembered we had bought tickets to go trick or treating (yes I know it was only October 12th) in the forest that evening.  The kids took a brief nap in the car on the way back home, we ate some food, put on our costumes, and headed to the next thing.

Buzz Buzz (not Buzz Lightyear, but Buzz Buzz) and TinkerBell

She really was the cutest little fairy. 

And moved so quickly

Digging for some corn prize thing?

Got a lighter for this?

Girl loves a good sucker. She thought this trick or treating business was pretty rad.

Finally it was our turn to go trick or treating

And of course there was a line. Just doing a little bird watching to kill some time

Yeah that's a snail and a lady talking about it. It was probably one of the more weird things we'd been to, I'll be honest.  The kids were all like "Just give us some candy" and they were all about telling weird stories about the things they were dressed up as.

Yeah that's a guy dressed in tights as an owl.

Anyway, after that the kids literally passed out (as did I).

Sunday our local Papillion fire department had an open house.

They even had a helicopter come in and land which the kids thought was pretty cool.

Sitting on the back of the fire truck looking way too old for my liking!

The rest of the day we just ran errands and played outside in the beautiful weather. It was a fun fall weekend, another one down! :)


Becky Dougherty said...

You kids are adorable! :) Looks like you had such a fun weekend, I bet they loved it!

Jenn said...

Lunch first- priorities. Also, I can't get enough of Layla. Please always take photos! Personally, I love iPhone photos because it's very in-the-moment type stuff you're capturing, ya know? And Molly just got her first sucker yesterday and has the same approach as Layla. I think those girls would get along quite well.

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