Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Trick or Treating Galore

I am sitting here writing this with a big glass of wine in my hand and chocolate in the other.  Why you might ask? Well first of all my husband is deployed and that basically gives me the right to do whatever I want, right? And secondly we have gone trick or treating so dang much in the last week that I am ready to hang the towel or the pumpkin, whichever. Thank goodness tomorrow is the finale. My genius self saw all of these fun Halloween activities different evenings and thought hey, let's get out of the house and go do these free things! Well, they're exhausting trying to keep 2 mobile (and fast children) within arms reach and we are swimming in candy right now, it's nuts. Here are some pictures from our past couple times trick or treating just to show you I'm not making this up!
Last week we went trick or treating at the local high school. Layla couldn't be bothered to walk and hold her pumpkin so she put it on her tray and made people walk to her to give her candy. Diva.

Brady knew what to do and all was fine and dandy until he saw a guy in a gorilla suit and went ape himself.  We were surrounded by a bunch of toddlers and my 3 and a half  year old screams at the top of his lungs, "NOOO!! I WANNA GO HOME!!!". The poor kid had to take of his mask to calm Brady down. It's always fun making a scene.

Post-gorilla happiness.

"Hey ladies, it's a good thing I'm so strong. I can carry my pumpkin and yours too. And I can beat off the gorillas if you need it, I'm not scared at all."

Then we had the genius idea of getting Brady's hair spray painted. He decided on red. And told the lady to "paint it, paint it all." Yay.

Yeah I don't think he'd make a good ginger.

After 5 washes his scalp is still this lovely red color. A friend thought he burnt his scalp. Oh no, just some fun, fun hair spray paint.

Miss Tinkerbell crab-ass pants was there too. She enjoyed eating a cookie and scowling at everyone.

Oh and let's not forget trick or treating at the zoo.

Where Brady was terrified of the characters and Layla was not.

Last night we went to Offutt Air Force Base's Kid's Halloween Party. I actually got Layla to keep a bow in her hair so I had to document it. Big day.

We decorated cookies with the Cookie Monster, who else?

Mimicked some Minnie and Mickey blow-up things

And just stared at them for a good 10 minutes

Brady made a lollipop ghost while Layla tried her best to get herself lost

And then we sat down to eat some dinner and a cookie of course. (I swear Layla eats more than just cookies. And I swear I must take a picture of her every time she's eating a cookie?).

And then I told her no more cookies.

So she just took selfies of herself instead. Better than screaming I guess.

And to finish the night they dove into a pit full of balls. They got yelled at by a lady because she thought they were stealing candy eyeballs out of the pit. I told her, "Yeah they're 3 and 1 and they just like big balls, not eyeballs." Psh, I told her.

And that brings us to today where we went trick or treating at Daddy's squadron. I was a little nervous because Daddy wasn't there. As a key spouse I'm trying to be at most squadron activities and luckily my kids did great.

They seriously had boxes and boxes of candy for the kids (a lot donated to the squadron from Walgreens) and we have two huge buckets full of candy from it, yay!

On a mission. A candy mission.

"Hi, what's your name? I like your costume..

Oh I see you have some candy there, yeah let's not saying anything but feel free to hand your bucket over.

What, mom??

All the kids running off their sugar rush.

So yeah, you can probably see why I'm ready for this whole trick or treating thing to be over. It's exhausting for me but it's so worth it to see them having fun and enjoying the holiday of Halloween. For an entire week. And if anyone needs some candy, we've got some! :)


Jenn said...

Oh my gosh, crabby Tinkerbell cracked me up. You are super woman for going to all of these events! We skipped our battalion's Halloween party (after seeing pictures of all the soldiers dressed up like damn zombies and other scary ass things, I'm so glad we did!), but we're going to trunk or treat (hopefully rated G) and then all of the Americans are doing a trick-or-treat-as-best-we-can-around-apartments thing tomorrow night. That's enough for me! (I'm hoping my kids get lots of Reeses for me to confiscate...)

Janelle Vannice said...

Hahahaha! Oh my goodness! You are like Supermom! I bet you are so tired of Halloween, but I bet they both loved it... and hey, you'll have chocolate for a while, so that's great too! :)

Sarah said...

Some people (YOU) are really motivated when it comes to halloween. Other people (ME) are not. It's five hours before people are going to knock on my door and I haven't bought any candy yet. I'd like to blame this lack of preparedness on my parents because we didn't celebrate halloween growing up, but in reality I just forgot about the whole situation until this morning. But it's pouring right now so I hope only a few children come and I can eat the rest of the candy myself. ;)

Becky Dougherty said...

So, we can just be thankful that Halloween is over and Christmas is coming, right? ;)

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